What’s In My Beach Bag?

On Saturday, I decided to head out to good ole Venice Beach to relax and celebrate the first day of summer. Living in LA, I don’t make it to the beach as much as you would think, since I’m lazy about making the trek (a whole ten miles, I know). Everything can be a hassle in this city, especially on the weekends when everyone is out and about causing traffic, so this weekend I was sure to plan ahead and make the effort to head to the coast before lunch time to beat the crowds. It was a beautiful warm day with an amazing breeze – definitely a day that makes you relish living in LA and our lucky weather. Of course, I am now burnt to a crisp (sunscreen, I’m sorry I spurned you!), but it was definitely worth feeling like I was on vacation and getting away from the city life in Hollywood. Below, check out some of my beach bag essentials, minus the ever important sunscreen. Some practical, and some not so much…

Cover-up (similar) – I picked up this fun cover up with lobsters all over it when my family went to Florida last summer. If I throw on a pair of shorts, I can get away with wearing it in stores and restaurants off the beach. Venice has lots to walk to nearby, so I’m always sure to bring clothes with so I can explore after hitting the beach. Plus, it remind me of a fun family vacation.
Sandals – I’m newly obsessed with these leather sandals from Madwell. I broke them in on my recent trip to London, and they are so comfortable. Definitely a chic staple for sand or city streets.
Foam magazine – Foam is one of my favorite magazines, as it’s a great mixture of surf culture, travel, music and fashion. A perfect fit for reading at the beach.
Kind bars – Hey, I like to snack.
Oversized sunglasses – Perfect for hiding my face, as I hate wearing makeup to the beach (don’t want anything to prevent my face from getting tan!). Also cheap enough that I wouldn’t be devastated if they were tragically lost at sea.
Wet hairbrush – This hairbrush is a miracle product! It is the only brush I’ve found that easily combs through wet hair and tangles without pulling and ripping at my curls. I highly recommend.
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and Kai Hand Cream – A girl’s gotta stay moisturized in the summer sun, and these two products are some of my favorites and the most effective.
Essie nail polish in “bikini so teeny” – I get bored easily at the beach (one can only look at the majesty of nature for so long), so I like bringing things to do – ie nail polish to paint my nails. This color is great for summer and the name is perfect for a day at the beach.
Cash money – Nothing is free in lovely LA, so you will definitely need cash for beach parking. I like to park at the lot at the end of Washington. It’s right on the water, and I’m usually too lazy to look for a spot elsewhere.

What are your beach essentials? Know of any great California beaches I should check out?