Dishoom, London

While it’s been a few months since my trip to London, I still fantasize about the food at Dishoom. I’ve never been a big fan of Indian food, as my experience has largely consisted of  subpar chicken tikka masala and meh basmati rice. This dinner totally changed my mind. I didn’t expect London to be much of a “foodie” trip, but we tried many trendy spots and pubs, and above all, Dishoom was my favorite.

Located in the middle of the hustle of tourists and shoppers in Covent Garden, Dishoom is quite the hot spot. Upon arrival, be prepared to queue (they don’t take reservations), but the waitstaff will keep you refreshed with fresh lemonade and you’ll stay busy people watching and taking in all the fashionable Londoners.

The interior of Dishoom is quite cool with hanging lights and dark, masculine finishes, but we opted to sit outside, as we were blessed with spectacularly warm weather. The vibe emanates the faded elegance of  Imperial India. Once I was finished gawking at my gorgeous surroundings, we asked our cute German (I love how London is basically the UN in a city) waiter for a sampling of the best they had to offer, and he did not disappoint.

Our spread before we dug in and demolished our offerings.

We ordered the murgh malai (a tasty chicken dish), calamari, spicy lamb chops, house black daal, basmati rice and naan. How can you eat Indian food and not have naan? Especially when it is so warm and fresh. The black daal was this really comforting lentil curry dish. My faves definitely had to be the lamb and calamari. I know really every restaurant does their own version of calamari – but I don’t think I’ve tried any other iteration that does the precious squids as much justice.

The succulent little chops in all their glory. Spicy and adorned with pomegranate seeds for a bit of sweetness. Ugh, can I go back now please?

I nursed a “Thums Up” throughout the meal. It’s an Indian cola with an almost licorice after taste. I wanted the full Bombay cafe experience, but I’m not sure I’d order it again. I’m purely an American purist when it comes to my soft drinks.

After basically licking our plates we perused the puddings menu. We were stuffed and decided to skip the puddings (dessert for my fellow Americans) and enjoy a spicy, aromatic chai. The warmth was a lovely addition to the cooling air as the sun set in my favorite city in the world.

Before leaving, I had to take a gander around the restaurant. I loved these Indian toilettries on display in the restroom next to the Bollywood posters. The design really transports you to the lost Bombay of old. Worth a visit just for the decor alone. They also have a location in Shoreditch and apparently an amazing brunch. They are a must-eat if you make it to London.

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