Not So Slutty Halloween: Troop Beverly Hills

Halloween is a little more than a month away, so I think it’s the perfect time to start brainstorming costumes. I am a notorious procrastinator, so this year I’m dedicated to actually planning my get-up instead of throwing something together last minute. If you know me, you’ll know that I cannot pull off the “slutty/sexy” costume. Even if I had the greatest body in the world, I would feel so awkward baring it all and a little unoriginal. More power to you if you prefer to go as a slutty Oscar the Grouch, but I prefer costumes that are a bit more covered, conversation starters and pop culture centric. Simply put – I’d rather get laughs than leers.

I’ll be sharing a few costume ideas this season, and the first is inspired by one of my favorite movies – Troop Beverly Hills. This movie is a hilarious, girl-powered, campy classic and is even more entertaining since I’ve lived in LA. It even stars little Jenny Lewis pre-Rilo Kiley and Postal Service. Plus, Phyllis Nefler (my girl Shelley Long) is a fashion icon.

One of my other fashion icons, Nicole Richie, has donned this costume before, so it’s it-girl approved. The items I’ve gathered for this look are inexpensive, chic and most can be worn long after Halloween (Girl Scout sash and beret aside).

The whole costume totals less than $100, so you can get the Beverly Hills style without the Beverly Hills budget.