Look for Less: Burberry Cape

Look oddly familiar? You may recognize the above piece from when I went slightly obsessive over this fabulous cape and all things Burberry here. Luckily for me, after I shared that fangirl post, my friend Ashley alerted me to  a spot-on look for less at She Inside. Being a full-blown shopaholic and deal addict, I jumped on this look a like and added it to my wardrobe.

Available here and only $29!

It’s been absolutely freezing here lately, so on the weekends, I’ll just throw on some basics then throw on my cape to elevate the look.  BTW, I feel absolutely fabulous saying I own a cape. Easy AND I can channel Alexa Chung? Dunzo. Plus, while the original retails for over a grand and will pretty much always be out of my budget, this copycat only looks expensive.

Cozying up in my wannabe Burberry this weekend. Selfie game strong.