What’s In My Festival Bag: Coachella Essentials

While I may not be going to Coachella this year, I thought I would impart my wisdom from my past two experiences on festivalgoers who are travelling to Indio or really any other festival this season. The first year I struggled through tent camping and last year I was in the lap of luxury at the JW Marriott, so I’ve really seen it all. Each trip, there were definitely a few necessities that I wish I had had or saved me in a pinch.  Below you’ll find my Coachella essentials  to bring with you each day on the Polo Grounds (excluding the obvious ie your phone, money and wristband). Besides, this allows me to live in denial and pretend to pack my bag – that’s a healthy way to cope with Coachella withdrawal, right?

First and foremost, you will need a great crossbody bag. No one wants to lug around a giant purse for three days – it will be too cumbersome and you will look like a diva. While you can certainly look cute and bring your brand new designer Rebecca Minkoff or Marc Jacobs, I wouldn’t risk it. It could rain, a dust storm could hit, someone could spill beer on you, you could drop it in the mud – really you are better off bringing a trusty bag with plenty of zippers and compartments to organize your goodies. My grandma picked me up this reliable beauty in Italy.
1. A scarf! Preferably a badass McQueen skull scarf lookalike. This one is from Urban from years ago. While you certainly don’t need to bundle up during the heat of the day, the night does get quite chilly in the desert. More importantly, the scarf will protect your mouth and face from any potential dust storms. We were hit with a dust storm on the last night of last year’s trip, and I was so glad I had a scarf to cover my face and not interrupt my magical Arcade Fire experience.
2. Hair tie. It’s hot, and you will likely sacrifice your beautiful blow out in order to get your hair off your neck. 
3. Sunglasses. Self explanatory, but I always like to bring a fun pair like these from Les Specs to match the vibrant festival energy.
4. Emergen-C – fight off your Neon Carnival hangover and the Coachellaflu!
5. Ear Plugs. Not just for fending off an overly loud set, but also for tuning out chatty hotel-mates or obnoxious campground neighbors.
6. Ziploc bag. It’s dorky, but you’ll be glad to have something to shield your phone, should a downpour or dust storm hit. Or a drunk girl spill her beer on you.
7. Backup Phone Battery. Due to your excessive instagramming, snapping and texting and the deluge of people trying to use the cell phone network, your phone WILL die. This will keep it juiced a little while longer, so you can plan your meetup with your friends at Spicy Pie.
8. Granola bar. Mojo are my fave, but always good to have a snack on hand if you don’t feel like spending $10 on and leaving the music to wait in line for a mediocre gyro.
9. Dry shampoo. As I mentioned, it is very hot. You are going to sweat, there’s no way around it, but a spritz of dry shampoo should allow you to at least appear fresh.
10. A camera! Of course you’ll take plenty of photos on your phone, but it’s great to have something more old school on hand in case your phone dies. Plus, Coachella is the perfect venue for polaroid and you’ll be left with some memorable souvenirs.
Not pictured: wet wipes! You will be glad to have these on hand should you ever need to grab something gross, dare to enter a portapotty or simply freshen up.
Happy festival season! Do you have any helpful tips or useful essentials that I left off?