I just arrived back in America after a whirlwind 10 days in Italy, exploring Rome and the Amalfi Coast. The trip was incredible. The country was beautiful, full of history, culture, dreamy beaches, landscapes and buildings and surprisingly welcoming people (who knew Europeans could be nice?).

Naturally, I’m utterly depressed to be back home and heading to work in the morning (like, seriously, does anyone want to fund my full time gypsy lifestyle?), but I am excited to relive my trip on this blog. Get ready for a slew of upcoming Italy posts – tips, food, beaches, photos – basically all my highlights. Might as well rename the blog to Always, Italy (if only that could be true!).

In that vein, to get through this tragic workweek stuck back in the Midwest in an office instead of on a beach in Positano, I’m sharing some of my favorite Instagram posts from the trip. I solely used an iPhone to take these and use vscocam to edit my photos, which I highly recommend, and I’m very proud of how a few turned out. Enjoy and arrivederla!

All photos via my insta.

Artsy wanderlust selfie. 

Landing in Rome.
Positano from the top of Via Cristofer Colombo.
The city of Amalfi after dark.
 Arienzo Beach, a short boat ride from Positano.

Laocoon at the Vatican. Amazing what emotion and movement can be carved from stone.
Dining at Locanda Costa Diva in Praiano. YUM.
Outfit selfie before heading to dinner in Rome. Was obsessed with our room and balcony at the Marriott Rome Grand Flora.
View of the Port of Positano by boat.
Colosseum selfie!

Another view of Positano – endlessly photogenic city.

 View of Praiano from the Hotel Margherita.

Ristorante 34 in Rome, few blocks from the Spanish Steps. Probably my favorite place we ate.

Sculpture garden at the Vatican. It’s jawdropping how many priceless works of art exist there.

Another shameless selfie on the boat off of Capri.

The Colosseum at sunset. Snapped this while on a bus tour – definite stroke of luck.
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