Travel Tuesday: Carry On Essentials

I am jetting (not literally, I’ll be going commercial as usual) off to Italy next week, so I am in full on planning mode. One essential piece of planning is ensuring that my carry on is packed and ready to keep my flight comfortable, clean and boredom-free. Below I’ve shared some of my essentials for a stress-less and all around zen journey.

1. I am a Longchamp devotee, and nothing beats these durable bags that can fold up once you’re finished with them. They’re ready to be overloaded in flight, then out of my way once I reach my destination.
2. I’ve been using this Flight 001 seat-pak to keep my smaller items organized and easy to find.
3. A girl’s gotta have her passport and wallet on hand in order to get around. Be sure to have some currency from the country your visiting on hand in case airport cabs only take cash, or you have trouble finding a currency exchange once you land.
4. I am a horrible sleeper, but this foam neck pillow and eye mask help me get at least some decent shut eye on long flights. The mask molds over your eyelids, so as not to disturb rapid eye movement. I also carry some ear plugs, to shut out any noisy seatmates.
5. Long flights can be full of germs and leave you feeling all around less than fresh. I always stash some wet wipes to wipe down my arm rests and fold down tray. Emergen-C also helps to prevent you from catching anything from sick passengers. You may look like a germophobe, but at least you won’t land at your destination with a cold!
6. My iPhone is always fully stocked with Spotify playlists, eBooks, and several seasons of Bravo shows for in-flight entertainment. You never know when your airline provided entertainment may malfunction or just suck. Additionally, I bring a good ole-fashioned book in case I get tired of staring at a screen. This travel-inspired read “What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding,” will definitely stoke your wanderlust. Lastly, I’m sure to bring my moleskine notebook, in case inspiration strikes or I want to be sure to remember something once I land.
7. Long plane rides can leave you looking tired and dull, so I’m sure to pack a few skincare and makeup items, so I’m looking my best upon landing. My makeup bag includes some Cetaphil, mascara (this Benefit one is amazing!), concealer, BB cream, a Nars multiple to add a little color, a highlighter (love Benefit’s Watts Up!), eye cream, dry shampoo, and a great night cream sample. Once I land, I also change into some fresh clothes and some sunglasses, to hide any dark circles of course.
So, did I forget anything? Let me know if you have any essentials that I should be sure to pack on my transatlantic flight!
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