DIY Gel Manicure

As a young professional with champagne taste on a beer budget, I’m constantly looking for ways to cut corners and save money all while not giving up too many luxuries. I’m currently also trying to put more of my income towards travel and experiences instead of more frivolous random expenses. One easy way to save money is to cut out weekly/biweekly manicures. You’ll save easily $60 a month.

I’m a huge fan of gel manicures, however, and had yet to find a way to do them on my own without splurging on one of those excessive kits complete with UV light. Recently, however, I found the key to the great DIY gel manicure at none other than Sally Beauty. For just a few dollars, this Gelous polish easily turns any nail polish you own into a gel consistency that will last two weeks or more.

Simply pain the Gelous as a base coat, then paint on your chosen color, then Gelous, then color, then Gelous. A bit repetitive (I sound like a broken record) – but voila! You’ll have a pretty damn decent at-home manicure that won’t easily chip or chip away at your savings.

I went with Orly Va Va Voom for a pop of brightness, perfect for summer. I’m still not a total pro at painting or shaping my own nails, but this is definitely an easy replacement for those pricey salon visits.

PS – buy a clear cookie/candy jar at Target for cute nail polish storage and display!