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I’m a self-confessed product junkie, so whenever I travel, I gravitate to beauty souvenirs. Whether it’s lathering on a local lotion, spritzing myself in an artisan perfume or avoiding aging with a revered serum, I just love trying new cult products from around the world.  I picked up a few Italian beauty buys, so I thought I’d share in case you’re ever in the beautiful country.  Just look out for the green cross when you’re wandering the cobblestone streets. It’s not a weed dispensary, but instead a farmacia where with some broken Italian and euros, you can pick up a stash of mementos to keep you looking flawless long after your trip has ended.

1. Mustela. This face soap was not a pre-planned souvenir, but came out of necessity. Being me, I forgot to pack proper face soap (Cetaphil lotion looks so much like their soap!), so I was forced to figure out this whole faramcia thing on our first day. The elderly cashier did not speak English, so with some hand motions and bad Italian on my part, she was able to recommend Mustela. Bless her, because this stuff is awesome! Made for babies, so it’s super gentle, but still frothy and able to take off my makeup and any dirt.
2. Sopa Limone. Aka lemon soap from Capri. The Amalfi Coast and Capri are blanketed in lemon groves, and this soap is made with that fresh local produce. You can also pick this up in practically in any store in Positano, Praiano or Amalfi. A cute reminder of the scents of the dreamy coast.
3. Hotel Margherita Body Lotion. I’m a big proponent of snatching extra hotel toiletries. Not only can you use the travel sizes on future trips, but they also will remind you of your stay at that hotel. Hotel Margherita in Praiano had lovely toiletries made just for them in Napoli, so I had to keep the lotion for my purse. Couldn’t resist the blue and white packaging!
4. Rilastil. I read about Rilastil on Byrdie when doing some research before my trip, and I’m glad I did the legwork. An anti-aging serum that utilizes hyaluronic acid, it re-elasticizes the skin. This was expensive, so I haven’t used much yet. It came highly recommended from several beauty blogs as an Italian “beauty secret.” You should definitely do some research on sites such as Byrdie and Into the Gloss to know what products to look out for before any upcoming trip. The language barrier prevented me from discovering too many new ones while I was there, and I was more focused on enjoying the sights than researching beauty products :).
5. Candle from Capri. The scent is called “flirt,” and my mom and I stocked up on several of these candles while winding through the shops in Anacapri. I can’t find a link to buy it online, but I highly recommend a candle as a souvenir on your next trip. Every time you light it in your home, you’ll be transported to that holiday feeling.
Have any of you discovered any great Italian beauty buys? Any beauty souvenirs you gravitate to on your trips?


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