Shopping in Positano

While my brother and dad elected to laze about the hotel pool all day, my mom and I instead chose to set off on a shopping adventure for Positano. Knowing we would need all of our energy to traverse the narrow, hilly paths, we fueled up on breakfast at our Hotel Margherita. Our hosts Suela and Gennaro were so accommodating and always did a fabulous job of whipping omelettes with fresh local produce and my favorite – a fresh cappuccino. Definitely beats your run of the mill continental breakfast of stale bagels and mystery meat sausage.


After properly filling up, we set off on the neon Orange Bus for Positano. Conveniently picking us up right in front of our hotel, the bus loops around the coast, providing cheap and easy-to-navigate transport to Positano and back. While inexpensive, the bus does typically lack AC and lots of space – so were always quick to grab a seat and relish any personal space we could find.
It’s a little known secret that the bus can take you all the way down to the center of Positano (the drivers prefer to drop all of the tourists off at the top of a hill), and not yet aware of this insider info, my mom and I decided to take the scenic route and trek on foot to the harbor. Setting off down the Via Cristoforo Colombo, we were welcomed by this jawdropping vignette.
Truly, you could easily double your travel time just by stopping to take in every too good to be true view. Doesn’t it look fake? I did my best Gray Malin and snapped away.


Pulling myself away from this photographer’s dream (our journey had only just begun after all), we started our march down the winding paths to reach the shopping and city center. The path isn’t very clearly marked, but luckily there are other exploring tourists for you to follow, easily spotted by their backpacks, sporting jerseys and selfie sticks.  Mid morning sun beating down on us, we happily stumbled into a section of the route covered in the best kind of shady roof – one of  amethyst wildflowers, properly known as bougainvillea blossoms.


After continuing our long downhill walk, interrupted with a few pops into stores littering the path, we finally arrived in the main harbor, connecting the beach, several restaurants dotting a piazza, and the port. Anchoring the main square is  the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, a beautiful Catholic church that is open to visitors.
After paying quick respects to the shopaholic gods, we pulled up our sleeves and got down to the business at hand – shopping. After seeing women carrying their iconic Tiffany blue bags all day, I knew we would have to stop at Antica Sartoria. We were not disappointed by this gypsy girl’s paradise:
Can you say Free People style bohemian looks at a fraction of the price? Plus, when asked where your gorgeous embroidered dress is from you can respond, “Oh this old thing, just picked it up on my recent trip to Italy.” The best fashion finds are ones that can’t easily be copied by heading to your local Forever 21, let alone inexpensive.


I combed diligently through the racks, eventually settling on a cover up for the beach and a beaded top. Best of all, these items will always remind me of magical Positano when I wear them. Damage thoroughly down to my stash of Euros, we started to make the uphill trek to the bus stop. Worn out from the long hike and blazing summer heat, we just had to make a rest stop in one last shop.
Our pit stop of choice just happened to have gorgeous leather bags, so my mom and I both sprang for a chic souvenir. I highly recommend you check out Carro’s wares if ever in Positano. The men’s loafer section was also beyond fabulous.
I love this shot of my mom, her loot in tow.
Plenty of spoils tucked under our arms, we finally boarded the bus back to home in Praiano, stealing one last glance at the bewitching Positano skyline.


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  • Shopping trip in Italy? Count me in! Love that shot of your mom with all the shopping bags… looked like a successful trip! Thanks for linking up Erin!