Travel Tuesday: Best Instagram Hashtags for Female Travelers

Instagram is an excellent way to share your photos while traveling and follow along on travelers’ adventures when you’re stuck in the real world. Using hashtags on Instagram will help you to not only grow your following, but also connect with other instagrammers and maybe make some new online friends. I used to be very anti-hashtag, but they’ve really helped me to begin some follower growth (still have a long way to go!), and better yet, discover some awesome travel accounts.

I thought I’d share a few general hashtag tips I’ve gleaned in during my obsessive gramming, as well as my favorite hashtags for female travelers. Leave your insta handle in the comments below, so I can give you a follow, and let me know if you know of any other great travel hashtags. You can follow my account here!



Tell Us Your Location

First, some easy hashtags to use are location-based. If you’re in Rome, tag #Rome and #Italy. If you’re specifically in the Vatican tag #vatican or your neighborhood as well. Additionally, pull up your location in the “Tags” section of the Instagram search function to see what popular hashtags are used for that location. As you’ll see below, a search for “London” also pulls up #londoncalling, #londoner and #londonlife.

Tell Us What You’re Seeing
Pretty straightforward, but tell your audience what’s in the picture. If you’re on the beach in Positano, try also tagging #beach, #umbrellas or #ocean.
Some examples:
Tell Us About the Photo
Is the photo a #selfie? Did you use #vscocam to edit it? Perhaps you use #iphoneonly to take your photos, or it is a #landscape. Additionally, if you post daily on Instagram you can use the tag #instadaily or if it’s “good” use #instagood. These seem silly, but they definitely will pull up new viewers. I typically use #vscocam and #selife, but I’ve also experimented with other ones.
Be Relevant!
Make sure you’re hashtags are relevant and authentic! Do not tag #beach, if you’re simply posting a #selfie, and don’t use irrelevant hashtags to just try and gain new followers. Other photogs will just get annoyed and see through the inauthenticity right away. Personally, I also shy away from the #likeforlike and #followback tags. I want people to follow me simply because they like my feed, not because they expect reciprocity, but it’s up to you.
Travel Magazines
These tags are tied to travel magazines and tend to be very popular. These are great for finding new accounts to follow, but your photo can get lost in the shuffle quickly due to sheer numbers.
An offshoot of Darling magazine. More of a hipster aesthetic.


The Conde Nast Traveler tag. Perfect if you’re staying in a glitzy locale or staying in a luxury hotel, but really you can use it on any photo.


Enter to have your photo potentially featured by Travel & Leisure. Like I mentioned, this tag is very popular, so it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.


The tag for Afar Magazine. They’re lesser known than Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast, but I love their content.
Travel Communities
These are more off the beaten path than travel magazine tags, so you have a better chance of being featured or finding great new accounts that aren’t simply professional photographers. They sometimes are tied to a blog, travel site or simply an Instagram community.
This tag was started by Cathay Pacific airlines, but I’ve seen it used so frequently on many accounts, that I don’t really associate it with the brand. To me, it’s just a great, general travel hashtag. One of my favorite accounts @tuulavintage is a big fan.


This is the tag for Tiny Atlas Quarterly, a more niche travel magazine, focused on travel storytelling through images. If you use this tag, I’d recommend sharing an anecdote about the photo, to keep with the storytelling theme.


Passion Passport is a travel site that shares travel stories, an online community and even sells it’s own “Experiences” aka tours. They frequently have instagram contests, so why not try to win a trip or money simply for sharing your travel photos?
Female Traveler Communities
These tags are geared toward women travelers and are my favorites to use. They tend to be more intimate and involved, so I think they’re the best to actually meet other female travelers and organically grow your folowing.
Dame Traveler is a community and sit that aims to inspire women to travel more, experience more and be more. Love that!


Globelle Travels offers information and inspiration for female travelers. They also feature a “Globelle Gal in Focus,” each month that ranges from bloggers, entrepreneurs to nonprofit leaders.


This is a more intimate, instagram-only community for female travelers. Some great photos by real women travelers who are “finding their way.”


This is a straightforward, good old-fashioned hashtag that celebrates all things “femme” and “travel.”


I discovered this tag through one of my favorite female travel instagrammers, The Belle Abroad. It’s an excellent mix of street style and travel, perfect for global jettsetters who also love to express their travel style. Sidewalker Daily also has a beautifully designed website with an online community.
Thanks for stopping by today, and be sure to leave you’re Instagram handle in the comments, so I can give you a follow! I’d also love any of your travel hashtag recommendations 🙂


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  • Erin, loved this post. I am trying to increase my Instagram following and these hashtags are going to help. I am now following you and other accounts you mentioned.

    • Thanks, Ruth! I gave you a follow as well. Will definitely be checking out your blog and feed.

  • I love these posts so much! Hashtags are such a great way for your Instagram to get noticed, and I'll definitely be adding some of these to my travel pictures in the future!

  • I love looking at Instagram for travels! And I definitely can get hashtag-y. But can't help it, plus looking at other places by hashtags are always fun!

  • Love this post! Literally just made a note in my phone with most of these tags! Thanks for sharing! I'm @laurenonlocation on instagram and going to follow you now! 😀