Look for Less: Gigi Hadid’s & Olivia Palermo’s Silver Oxfords

Hello friends! It’s Saturday, so that means I’ve been pinning up a storm and online shopping (browsing of course). I’ve always been a sucker for bright, shiny objects, and shoes are no exception. I also love to play with a touch of menswear and androgyny in my clothing, so silver oxfords are ticking all the right boxes. Add in my two favorite street style celebs Gigi Hadid and Olivia Palermo? These shoes shot straight to the top of my wish list.

Of course, Gigi and Olivia are able to afford pricier versions like Jimmy Choo and Prada, but lucky for us, plenty of affordable retailers are offering their own glitzy shoes. Check out a few wallet friendly options below that will still capture their it-girl style.

Gigi’s shoes come with black laces that really up the contrast and make the shoes pop. Hers are definitely a more punk rock vibe than Olivia’s. I think ASOS makes a great dupe, which only retails for $43! These would pair perfectly with a pair of skinny black pants, just like Gigi.

Forever 21 does an even more bargain version, clocking in at $23! Tres chic et tres cheap.
Olivia styles her oxfords in a decidedly more classic and preppy way – perfect for her style. Her laces and soles are neutral, so they’re less rock n roll and more Upper East Side. I love how she pairs them with skirts, dresses, pants, casual, dressy, you name it. They really do make a great staple and add a little “punch” to her girly outfits.

Macy’s carries a near identical look for less for only $49. They come in pewter and gold as well if you want to opt for a different metallic.

Are you feeling the silvery soles? Or do you think these are too trendy and loud? I love them, but I’m doubting I could pull them off at the office. Let me know what you think and happy Saturday!

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