Beat the Winter Blues

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Since I was lucky to live on the warm West Coast for six years, moving back to the Midwest and Midwestern winters has been brutal. November and December aren’t bad with holidays to distract me, but by the time January and February roll around, I am counting the days until spring. The 4PM sunsets, frigid temps and never-ending sweat pants are straight agonizing.
I don’t have any immediate plans to move back to warmer temps, so I’ve come up with a few ways to beat the winter blues. Most of these are free, convenient and sure to make the torturous months of January and February pass by a little quicker.

1. Plan a trip or staycation
Right now ┬ámy two biggest motivators for getting through winter are trips planned to Vegas and Coachella in the winter. There’s nothing like a vacation (and the thought of being in a bikini in a few months) to motivate me to save money, work out and be healthy. Staying in is fine by me when I have a jam packed spring to yearn for. If you don’t want to spring on a huge trip, plan a mini staycation in your own town. Rent an Air BnB, visit a museum, and explore and embrace your city.

2. Drink hot chocolate or a winter cocktail
Embrace the frigid weather with a cozy winter warmer drink. Make like Martha Stewart and make legit hot chocolate with milk on the stove top and even add a dash of Baileys or Peppermint Schnapps. Or if you’re a Harry Potter nerd like me, you can imitate Harry and Ron and brew your own alcoholic butterbeer. I won’t tell McGonagall if you won’t.

3. Have a movie marathon
Sometimes, all I need is a good rom-com to lift my mood. That’s just the effect Hugh Grant has on me. We all have those “comfort” movies that make us nostalgic and happy, so pop them in, get under a blanket, and have a movie marathon. Invite your friends and make a night of it. Besides, its too cold to go to a bar, and movie nights cost less than vodka red bulls. Some of my favorites include Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually, Pretty Woman and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

4.  Make it bright!
It sounds simple, but with the shorter days, make sure you’re getting enough light in your life. Ever since introducing a neutral, white palette of furniture to my room with lots of lamps, I seriously feel more peaceful and clearheaded. Maybe I’m nuts, but I think having an open, clean and bright interior can really improve your mood – especially when sunlight may be lacking. These firefly lights will add a fanciful touch.

6. Get Cozy
If you’re going to be hibernating and watching Netflix all day, you might as well like cute and cozy while doing it! Invest in warm and whimsical pajamas to lounge in for your Hugh Grant marathons. I’ve picked out a few instagram-worthy options below.

7. Write down your goals

Take your time shut indoors to focus on your goals for the year and get inspired. Write down both your personal and professional goals and display them. Winter, and the beginning of the year in general ,is a great time to introspect and figure out what’s important to you this year. I even suggest creating a vision board out of old magazines to help you visualize your dreams and keep them literally in your sight. Once you iron out your goals, you’ll feel motivated and driven with a since of purpose to power through the colder months.

8. Go outside!
This main seem counter-intuitive, but force yourself to get outside at least once a day! It may be insanely cold, and you may feel like you live in a godforsaken tundra, but getting some fresh air and natural light will do wonders for your mood. Besides, there’s nothing like a little cold snap to, well, snap you out of any chronic laziness.

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and may your winter’s be mild, bearable and above all, brief!

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