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After a, what seems like weekly, brunch with my friend Meghan a week ago, we decided to visit our natural habitat – the mall. She is the most expert shopper I know, and whenever I’m in the mood to explore a mall (or two), I know she’ll always be down to take in the wares.  We headed to the more shi shi mall in town and popped into the Tory Burch store.

I’m not a huuuge Tory fan. Her ballet flats are omnipresent on every basic bitch across America and her clothes are too slathered in obnoxious prints for me. They seem more fitting for a drunk Palm Beach housewife with little taste to match her budget. So, as you can imagine, I entered the store with my nose turned up and predisposed to not care for anything.

For warm-up we perused the handbags. They’re not all my taste, but I loved this black and blush corner. Show me a good monochrome bag with gold hardware, and I will show you my credit card. I wouldn’t mind toting around that blush beauty in the right hand corner. Check out her latest offerings in this color here.

My mind wasn’t really changed when it came to the clothing, but Ms. Burch won me over when it came to this shiny and glam corner of her boutique. What a palate cleanser!

The design and merchandising of her stores is pretty spot on if you love all things glamorous, but her beauty corner was even more of a standout. The gold and black display was beautiful, and her orange boxes called to mind Hermes. I would love a walk in closet with this vibe – what can I say, bright shiny objects distract me!


Her fragrances and makeup are still fairly pricey, but luckily she has some more affordable items to serve as entrance points to the collection, if you’re not ready to dole that much money out on makeup. Snag a rollerball of the fragrance here for a considerable discount compared to the full-size perfume. Rollerballs are also a great size for travel, so I almost prefer them to full size perfumes. She sells a rollerball threesome (here) if you want to try the whole range, or buy them in holiday cracker form (here) for a cute present.


I was also very impressed with her soaps and candles. These are always generally great hostess gifts and would look very chic as a  housewarming present. Can’t resist that packaging! I’m a sucker for good branding and merchandising – and like I said, who can resist when it calls to mind Hermes? Unfortunately, the giant perfume bottle wasn’t for sale.
I’m still probably not going to ever spring for Tory Burch ballet flats and am not a total convert, but I’d still recommend checking out this oh so pretty beauty collection for a dose of girly class.

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