Festival Fashion: The Best Shoes for Coachella

While I normally worship at the altar of footwear, shoes are even more important than usual at Coachella. The whole festival has turned into a fashion show of every wannabe bohemian parading around in their best Woodstock-esque gear. This pressure to look good is made more complicated when you realize that you will be standing and walking a whole damn lot of hours.

My Coachella shoe mantra is thus: booties and sneakers. Repeat after me: booties and sneakers.
No, no gladiator sandals, and no, definitely no wedges. You will look, at best, like an amateur, and at worst, a diva. More important, your feet will also feel like they need to be amputated by the end of day 1. So, hard pass on anything with more than a one inch heel and anything open toe.
You want three things from a Coachella shoe: comfort, protection, and a little bit of style. Comfort because, like I mentioned, you will be standing and walking all damn day. Protection from the desert rocks, sand storms, drunk guys spilling beer on you, people dancing on your feet, etc. And, least important, style, as long as it doesn’t forsake the aforementioned comfort and protection.
My previously mentioned beloved booties and sneakers meet all three criteria. Yes, your feet will probably still be sore, but they won’t be ravaged by your fellow festival-goers, and you won’t feel the need to amputate them at the end of the Guns n Roses reunion.
I’ll be packing some variation of the three pairs of shoes above.
Sam Edelman Booties: Beat up already, so I won’t be distraught if they need to be thrown out after the trip. My favorite casual bootie.
Colorful Converse – I may get a white pair or pair of white vans instead, so I’m not rocking too many prints. Be sure to break them in!
Matisse Booties – Leopard and zippers and a lucite heel!!!! They were on sale, so I couldn’t pass them up! Perfect for a more simple, cut offs and band tee outfit.
Shop some more comfortable and Coachella approved options below, and may you be able to focus on the music and that cute hipster dancing three rows over instead of your aching feet.

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