Travel Tuesday: Coachella Essentials

Happy Tuesday, internet friends! Better yet, it’s Travel Tuesday – my favorite blogger linkup! With Weekend 1 of Coachella less than two weeks away (don’t worry, the inundation of posts should end then :)), I thought I’d share my essentials, so you can run out for any last minute necessities. While my car camping post linked to a few consummate packing lists, today I’m focused on the must-haves you’ll tote with you inside the festival. I shared a “What’s In My Festival Bag” last year, but changed it up a little this year to accommodate a few more newly discovered Chella hacks.

First, you’ll need the perfect crossbody bag. Mine is on its last legs and could probably be traded in for something more overtly bohemian, but I can’t bear to part with it. My grandma bought it for me in Italy, but it looks like you can buy some on eBay.  It is the perfect size and has so many pockets to keep all my little knick knacks organized. I’ll also pack a small wallet with just the bare necessities – ID, credit card, insurance cards and some cash – leave the gift cards at home in case you lose this. Last, but not least, make sure your wristband is on and activated! No use in packing the best day pack ever if you can’t even enter the fest.

More bag options:

Did I mention that it gets hot at Coachella? You will be spending hours in the heat of the afternoon sun in Palm Springs smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must. On-trend reflective glasses will protect AND look great in photos. I may not wear them, but I”ll also pack ear plugs just in case the Guns n Roses set is too loud to take in unfiltered. I’ll also stash a bandana for those notorious nighttime sandstorms.

A technicolor dream-widget of sunglasses!

As I mention here, Coachella sun combined with too much tequila can sometimes lead to dehydration induced breakdowns. Don’t let your concert fun get ruined, so pack a few things to keep you refreshed and energized. I’ve learned my lesson and now always have Advil or Aleve in my bag. Visine and cough drops are great for freshening up after frolicking in the dust all day, and Aquaphor is a savior if your lips get sunburned.  Little luxuries like a hair tie and hand cream will keep you feeling good in the ultra hot and drying sun.  Similarly, lipstick is totally unnecessary, but I love this nude (Thalia) by Nyx to spruce up my otherwise natural makeup. Wet Wipes will be your Coachella secret weapon – perfect for wiping off a layer of dust, cleaning up Spicy Pie stains or in a pinch if you can’t find a sink to wash your hands.

While not required, a watch will come in handy if your phone dies and you still need to keep an eye on time to make all of your sets. Don’t wear something too expensive, as it WILL get dirty. While we’re talking phones, pack a portable charger, so yours doesn’t die mid Snapchat of the Cold War Kids set. If your phone does die, it’s nice to have a separate camera on hand, so you’re still able to document the best (aka most photogenic) weekend ever. Instax polaroids make nice keepsakes when your back to reality and in full withdrawal mode.

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if there are any other must-haves that I should pack in my last minute planning/shopping spree!


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  • Enjoy your time in the festival! I saw the food lineup and it looks amazing. I will be heading to Palm Desert this weekend for a food festival. Cheers!

  • Your travel picks are great for this festival! I have never been to Coachella and want to go sooo bad! I am going to Palm Springs in July…I'll miss it..bummer! Have an awesome time!

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  • Great list of stuff! I especially love those reflective sunglasses! I hope your leather bag survives longer than it sounds like it will! Thanks for linking up with us!