8 Travel Journals to Get You Exploring & Writing

Since returning from Coachella, I’m super keen to start a travel journal. I want to savor every memory from our quite memorable trip, and what better way to relive it all than by writing it down? There’s nothing worse then forgetting an anecdote, the name of a funny tour member or restaurant or your touring plans. During my Italy trip last summer, I swore I’d remember every bite of food, shop name and beautiful “la dolce vita” detail. Sadly, it’s amazing how time can wipe those memories away and replace them with the inane little details that fill up our day to day lives.

I’m not letting that happen anymore! I’ve bought a classic leather journal, so now I just need to put pen to paper. Hopefully I’ll get in the habit of writing each day of my trips, so it doesn’t feel like such a “homework” assignment after returning. I encourage you also to write during your travels, so you’ll be able to cherish those journeys even as time goes by. Fit for any personality, some of my favorite travel journals are below. There’s an option for every taste – now go fill them up with adventures!

The Traditionalist


Anthropologie has won me over with this chic journal, and it’s only $16! I love the little airplane and how understated it is. Perfect for someone with classic taste.

The Girly Girl

I’m not usually a huge Kate Spade fan, but this pink number is girly, but still stylish. Plus, who can resist the call to “Escape the Ordinary?” I’m down.

The Do-Gooder

Like with all of their products, this Toms travel journal is one-for-one. If you purchase one, Toms will donate a pair of shoes to someone in need. Why not buy a journal that also does a little good for others?

The Francophile

Le Journal will be tres magnifique on your next visit to Paris or Cannes. Or if you’re like me and just pretend (and fail) to be an effortlessly chic French woman.

The Roadtripper

Any journal that instantly calls to mind Woodstock and Kerouac is alright by me.

The Outdoors Addict


It’s the 100th anniversary of our National Parks (we’re so lucky to have them!), so this journal is perfect to help celebrate. Book a trip to one of our many national treasures (seriously, we are so blessed to have so many different natural landscapes in the US), and take this notebook along. It includes tips, info on floral and fauna, extensive guides to each park, and of course, room to journal.

The Luxist

This Smythson option is perfect for the person who can do no less than the height of luxury. Retailing at over $200 it’s made of a beautiful cornflower blue lambskin leather and filled with pale blue pages with metallic edges. Gorgeous, sumptuous and over the top. Probably not the best to buy if you’re on a hostel budget like me.

The Beginner

Want to start a travel journal, but unsure of what to write? This “Wreck This Journal” is perfect for beginners, and I think will really get your creativity and ink flowing. It’s filled with prompts and unique activities such as “grab a napkin from a restaurant, write a secret on it, and glue it here.” Get out and do things you wouldn’t normally do, all while honing your writing skills and literally destroying the journal.
Which journal is your favorite? Any tips for starting a travel journal?

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