Coachella 2016 Photo Diary

As you may know by now, I went to Coachella two weekends ago. While it already feels like an eternity ago, I’m still basking in the festival afterglow. It may have been the company of my two best friends, or near perfect weather, or performances by LCD Soundsystem, Ice Cube (NWA Reunion!) and Disclosure, but this may have been my best Coachella yet. Three years down, and I’m still overwhelmed by the sensations – you are treated to a feast of people watching, music, art, food and fashion. My pictures don’t do the energy justice, but I wanted to share my favorite photos of the fest.


Maybe my favorite pic of the trip – we made multiple trips to the popsicle stand.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by a dust storm and alien desert landscape. The bandanas couldn’t prevent a Coachella-cough, but they did make for some great Mad Max-esque photos.



Each year I look forward to the different art installations. Besame Mucho was a fan and instagram favorite.


Coachella hair, don’t care.


I swear, I think the lighting is just more flattering in California. We took too many Ferris wheel selfies to count. I just love the pure joy on our faces – festival love!



Sunset is by far the best time to catch a show. Some of my favorite sets were at that time – Chvrches, Disclosure and The 1975.


I introduced my friend M to In n Out. The experience was legendary. I don’t know if we were just ravenous from the day of travel, but we inhaled the burgers in silence punctuated with shameless “OH MA GAH”s.


The Outdoor Stage was marred by sound issues during the Cold War Kids and Edward Sharpe sets, but it still made for great photos.


Another epic sunset. Living in California, I definitely took these for granted. I made sure to take in my fill that weekend, especially when you have a picturesque carnival ride dotting the skyline.


My forever friends L and M! They met each other for the first time that weekend, and there is no better feeling than your besties also becoming friends. Literally the best friends to travel with – no drama and always ready for an adventure.


Another great art installation, that also provided a shady spot to rest.


Girl gang! I always say this will be my last Coachella since it’s so expensive, but every year I’m reminded of why I’m so addicted. I can’t wait to make my desert return!
Our Coachella fashion:


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  • wow, it looks like you had a ton of fun! and it's always a nice feeling when two good friends become friends!

    • thanks, Diana! It was so great! You know it's all worked out when you worry they'll become better friends than with you! lol

  • I am so jealous..ha ha..I want to go to Coachella so bad, perfect meeting of fashion, travel and music! Right up my alley! Your pics are super fun ..! I heard you have to buy the tickets a year this true?/ :Lovely post!


    • Thanks, Valerie! You NEED to go! You can buy tickets in May/June the year before in the presale. It is over the top, and you won't know the lineup yet, but you will have a much better shot of getting tickets.

  • Loving the bandanna looks on you girls! I've never been to Coachella, but my friends rave about it! Thanks for linking up with us on #TravelTuesday. 🙂

    • Thanks, Katrina! I loved the bandana pics – they were worth the layer of dust! You need to go!

  • *currently drooling over computer after seeing In & Out pics*

    seriously, florida seafood is awesome and all, but there several times when i just think to myself, "the things I would do for an animal style in & out burger and fries…"

    • haha I agree! I moved away from California to the Midwest, so I make a point of getting it whenever I'm on the West Coast. Animal fries forever!

  • Oh so that's why everyone wears bandanas! I thought it was just a hipster thing!

    I have to say those shows at sunset look unreal. That would be the best way to experience the music you love. And yes please to a burger afterwards! Yummm.