Look for Less: Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb Beach Hat

It’s hotter than the hobs of hell here in St. Louis, and I’m looking for any way to escape the heat wave. While I love the look of a golden tan, I’m trying to get better about sun protection and hiding my skin from sun damage (wrinkles begone!). This Eugenia Kim sun hat is a blogger favorite and perfect way to shield your face while looking perfectly Instagrammable.

rocky barnes eugenia kim do not disturb hat

Rocky Barnes is one of the many insta-celebs loving Eugenia Kim.

While it’s super sassy, the hat is also super expensive. Frankly, I’m not down with spending over $50, let alone $400 (!!!!) for something I’m wearing to the pool or beach. I found some dupes that also feature cheeky slogans, so you’ll turn heads while keeping yours cool and covered.

My favorites have to be this Come Sail Away version and this Beach Please option. One sweet, and one a little more spunky.

come sail away hat

Buy here.

beach please hat

Buy here.

Thank you for stopping by and happy Sunday!