The Best Food I Ate at Walt Disney World

As I do on most vacations, I made sure to basically eat my way through Walt Disney World during our recent trip. Luckily I was walking a lot and sweating off my body weight in the suffocating Florida humidity, so my foodie indulgence didn’t do too much damage. Disney World has your typical mediocre and overpriced theme park food, but there a few culinary gems present as well. I thought I’d share the most delicious bites from our trip, so you can add them to your must-eats the next time you’re in the house of Mouse.

Dole Whip 

Location: Adventureland in Magic Kingdom

dole whip

No Disney food article is complete without mention of this heavenly frozen delight known as Dole Whip. It’s essentially pineapple soft serve, but boy does it hit the spot on a hot day. You can also get a Dole Whip float with pineapple juice, but the regular soft serve was sweet and refreshing enough for me. The line can get super long, as there are even t-shirts devoted to this treat, so go early (Dole Whip for breakfast sounds great!) or be prepared to wait. Enjoy your Whip at nearby shaded tables and take in the neighboring magic carpets.

Aladdin's Magic Carpets

Lunch at Cantina de San Angel

Location: Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

san angel inn

Unfortunately I did not snap a photo of my glorious enchiladas at Cantina. I simply was too ravenous to fiddle about with my iPhone. They were also just inhaled really quickly (guilty!).  We arrived around noon after traipsing about Future World in the rain, with no reservation, and were seated right away. The food was excellent, service was quick and friendly (ask for Angel!), and it was the perfect spot to cool off and wait off a little afternoon rain. I’d recommend the enchiladas and tacos – all on the more affordable end. After lunch, I explored the great shopping in Mexico and picked out an intricately painted Day of the Dead skull to adorn my desk. We finished off our “trip” with a quick ride on their “Tres Caballeros” ride. It’s cheesy, but I have a soft spot for the Caballeros and Donald Duck, so it’s a favorite of mine.

Dinner at Le Cellier

Location: Canada pavilion at Epcot

The filet at Le Cellier - yum!

On the other end of the Epcot restaurant spectrum, and literally on the other side of the World Showcase is Le Cellier. Located in the Canada pavilion, Le Cellier is an upscale steakhouse with some of the best steak in WDW. Never ones to be half-hearted when it comes to food, my family started with the classic poutine. AKA french fries with cheese, truffles, and a red wine reductions. SO GOOD. I had their signature steak, the filet mignon, for my main. The perfectly cooked filet sits on a bed of mushroom truffle risotto. This meal was probably our best of the trip, so I’d highly recommend Le Cellier if you want something a little more upscale. Be sure to make a reservation 180 days in advance (when reservations open), and be prepared for an expensive, but delicious meal.

Dinner at Morimoto Asia

Location: Disney Springs
Dinner at Morimoto Asia

Our final dinner in Orlando was a real showstopper at Morimoto Asia. My brother is a huge Iron Chef fan, so we knew we’d have to try Chef Morimoto’s recently opened restaurant, even though it’s more expensive. I started with with Mango Match Punch, a delicious cocktail made with green tea vodka, mango and lychee soda. We tried and shared a few dishes to get a real taste of the restaurant, and my favorites were the rock shrimp tempura, the sushi and the ribs. The ribs were definitely the standout dish, so if you can’t afford a several-course meal here, stop in for cocktails and the ribs. Worth it! On your way out, don’t forget to take a snap of the gorgeous decor!

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs


Be Our Guest

Location: Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

The food at Be Our Guest was just fine, but I wanted to mention it as the detailing and decor was a really immersive and memorable experience. You feel like you’re dining inside Beauty and the Beast, so if you are able to snag a reservation, I would still make the trip if you lower your expectations re: food. My brother liked his beef sandwich, and I liked the pork, but my mom hated her Nicoise salad.  Maybe eat something beforehand, and go to split a few entrees and dessert and take a ton of photos.

Anandapur Ice Cream Truck

Location: Near Everest in Animal Kingdom

Anandapur Ice Cream Truck

Okay, Anandapur is really just glorified soft serve, but who can resist that oh so colorful and intricately painted truck? Not me! I also had this cone after a very sweaty and hot afternoon exploring the Animal Kingdom. It was the perfect snack to enjoy while watching Jungle Book: Alive with Magic (read more about my thoughts on Animal Kingdom’s new nighttime experiences here). Nothing special, but I can never resist a tasty waffle cone.

What are your favorite Disney foods? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by and happy eating!

The Best Food I Ate at Walt Disney World

  • I literally kicked myself for not getting a Dole Whip when we visited in 2013. Thank goodness we’re headed back this year, and you’d better believe that one of those is going to get in my belly while we’re there!