#NSale Picks for the Traveler

If you’ve been hanging around the blogosphere the last few days, chances are you’ll have heard about the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (check out Caitlin’s thorough guide for all the details and tips). Early access has started (sign up for a Nordstrom debit card if you want to shop now but don’t want a credit card), and it opens to the general public on July 22.  Instead of doing your typical sale “picks” post like every other blogger out there, I thought I’d add a dose of wanderlust and share my picks – specifically for the chic traveler. Grab your weekender, toss on a jet-setting scarf and get ready to tuck into your neck pillow for your next stylish journey, all featuring my #NSale picks:

NSale Picks for the Traveler


#1 A perfect duffel bag for your next weekend getaway. All the motivation I need for a road trip!

#2 When I go on vacation, I can’t be bothered to pack my entire makeup kit. This NARS set has all the essentials to do a natural look with a pop of pink. With a deep holiday tan, who needs a full MAC force-field?

More beauty sets:

#3 A Longchamp Le Pliage is my all time favorite carry-on bag, since it’s roomy but can easily fold up and be stashed in your suitcase. Perfect for any souvenirs you’ve snagged on your trip. Longchamp has improved upon perfection and made an expandable version.

#4 A cozy scarf to add a pop of color and keep warm on chilly planes or serve as an impromptu picnic blanket along the Seine.

#5 While this is more of an investment piece (but still under $100), I think every girl needs a cashmere sweater to wear on the airplane. That recycled air at 30,000 feet is freezing, and this sweater is a touch of luxury that can make a long haul economy flight feel a little bit more like first class. Buy it in a neutral color, so you can wear it forever and with anything.

More coziness:

#6 Jeggings are awesome for travel days, whether it’s by plane, train or road trip. You get the comfort of leggings, while looking much more put together. What’s not to love? I’ve been trying not to look like such a slob at airports and instead find comfortable items that are still stylish and not basically pajamas.

#7 Any seasoned traveler needs a monogrammed and classic passport case and luggage tag. Timeless.

#8 I like sticking to a carry on bag when travelling, so I tend to pack wardrobe staples in neutral colors, so I can re-wear and mix and match throughout the trip. To keep outfits interesting and unique, however, I gravitate to stand-out accessories like this flat brim hat. Adds a bit of mystery, doesn’t it?

#9 Adidas sneakers are on every fashionista’s feet this year, and thanks to Nordstrom this dope Stan Smith pair is on sale. You can look on-trend while exploring the Colosseum, but still have the most comfortable feet when climbing all those steps.

Stylish sneaks:

#10 While the Lonchamp is my favorite carry-on bag and I can go full Mary Poppins and stuff a small army in there, I always pack a smaller cross-body bag to use when I arrive to my destination. I want enough room for the essentials but don’t want to be weighed down when touring all day. This leopard Vince Camuto bag is perfectly compact but adds the right pop of sassiness with its leopard print.

#11 Last, but certainly not least, I found the most luxurious neck pillow to enhance your typically awful in-flight experience. It’s made of cozy faux fur and filled with lavender to help lull you off to sleep. Let’s be real, it’s not going to end turbulence or hush that crying baby, so pair with some ZQuil or Melatonin and you’re all set!

Happy shopping and happy travels, friends! I’m off to scratch some things off my Summer Bucket list! What are you up to this weekend?

NSale Picks for the Traveler


  • I never travel without a large tote, comfy sweater or scarf. Planes can get super cold so even when I’m flying somewhere that’s 100 degrees, I always have a sweater with me. Great picks 🙂

  • Great picks! You can never go wrong with a longchampe bag or a throw on sweater.

    La Belle Sirene

  • Love your picks! The Longchamp is my go-to carry on bag as well. Especially for international trips!

  • omgosh Ive been avoiding their website like the plague! I cant spend all of my money!! haha. It was a super cute idea to make a list of favorites this way! Do you do a lot of traveling?