Moving to London! What I WISH I Knew Before I Moved

Hello friends! After moving and finally getting my life in London (somewhat) together, I’m back with another video! My move had a few mishaps (the hour long schlep to Ikea that never should have happened), so I thought I’d share what I wish I’d known before I moved to London. If you’re interested in moving here, studying abroad here or just visiting, learn from my mistakes and check it out!


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Thanks for stopping by and be sure to subscribe if you want to keep up with all my videos. I’m off to finish my reading for class tomorrow – it never seems to end, and I’m still figuring out this whole “student” thing again. Why can’t I just YouTube for class? Perchance to dream!

  • Food on the go is absolutely key! You can easily spend a small fortune on the odd drink or snack without even realising it. I’m really glad people have been nice to you! I hope things continue to go well for you in your new home 🙂

    • thanks rachel! yes, during my first week i quickly realized like half of my food spending was going toward a coffee at pret here, a muffin at starbucks there, so i had to put a kabosh on that lol. it’s crazy how quickly money goes here!

  • These are great tips. I’m thinking about what my suggestions would be for places I’ve moved before.

  • Doesn’t it take longer by bus than by tube? I wonder that about pretty much every city 😀

    • ha you’re correct! it does, but the bus is about half the price and there are more options for 24 hour routes. I also just love being able to look out the window 🙂

  • As a Londoner, I totally agree with these 😉 I always love to walk around London instead of getting the tube.

    • agreed! i love the efficiency of the tube, but I’ve found I’m learning the layout of the city and getting my bearings much more quickly by walking and taking the bus. went to shoreditch last weekend per your recommendation and loved it!

  • These are such great tips for someone looking to move or even spend a good amount of time in London! Loving these videos! Keep it up 😀