Look for Less: Celine Tilda Sunglasses

Confession: even though I’ve been attempting to live on a student budget, I’m still lusting after these Celine Tilda sunglasses. They’re super pricey, but I love the oversized-square wayfarer shape and how dark black they are. Celebs like Shay Mitchell and insta-models are big fans as well. Since they’re Celine, while they are designer, they’re not overtly showy or too loud with labels for my taste. They’re the perfect does of glamour and discrete luxury.

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I’ve been carefully monitoring the pound to dollar exchange rate, as these glasses are currently cheaper to purchase in London than in the States. Still clocking in at about $300, they’re still too expensive for me to make the splurge yet. Until the pound miraculously weakens more against the dollar, I may have to rely on these dupes from Boohoo.


Purchase here.

At only $10, these glasses master the Tilda shape. Instead of deep black, they’re tortoiseshell, which is fine because I find cheaper sunglasses can’t achieve that dark pitch black I love about the Celines. So, what do you think? Should I give into the Celine siren call and make the splurge or stick to the look for less? Halp!

  • Claudia Floriano

    Hi There!!! I just bought the Tilda from Amazon, how should I go about finding out their authenticity?