The Most SHOCKING Things About London

Moving halfway across the world or even just visiting there can often be terrifying. You’re exposed to a new culture, new social rules and an entirely new place, so you can sometimes feel totally out of sorts. I’ve lived in London a few months now, so I thought I’d share a few of the most shocking things I’ve encountered as an American. These also I think are generally helpful tips and observations if you are not from the UK and want to visit, study abroad or live here and want to temper your culture shock. I love London, so I don’t mean to insult anyone. Just want to be sure no one gets hit by a car, offends Londoners or lights their hotel room on fire! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe, as I regularly share videos about my move to London and life abroad.

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What to know so you can visit or move to London with limited culture shock

  • It was really so interesting to hear your thoughts on my home city as I think we see things differently when we are new somewhere and when we are from there.
    I miss orderly queueing so much, I always think about how I wish people would queue better here!! Ha! I also miss hearing so many accents and knowing straight away where somebody is from, it’s the best! My husband always struggled with the street signs too as he always find them hard to find, it wasn’t something I thought about before!
    It’s funny as I now think London is great for pedestrians compared to here in Santiago where nobody EVER stops for you, seriously never! And I was also interested to hear about smoking as I don’t have any friends or family that smoke, I don’t think of the UK as a smoking country at all, and I am always shocked by how many smokers there are in other European countries.

  • I didn’t know smoking was so frowned upon in the US! It’s pretty widespread in Norway too though most people use some kind of chewing tobacco – equally gross but less bothersome to others 😉 Oh and same thing about crossing the street. Here in Tromso you even have to be careful on crosswalks cause many drivers totally ignore them 🙁

    • yes, i think it’s because there are so many laws in the US about where you can and can’t smoke that people just don’t do it in public as much either. i feel like i get so much secondhand smoke here anyway, I might as well be a smoker lol. Oh no – Tromso sounds even more dangerous than London! Thank you for watching, Van!