Mackenzie Horan’s Apartment Tour

One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Mackenzie Horan. Her blog is one of the first I started reading regularly, and I always found her posts inspiring, yet still relatable. She has amazing, timeless taste and a drool-worthy boutique, Design Darling (seriously, I want ALL of it). Mackenzie lives in NYC, and while she’s posted some teases and vignettes of her apartment on her blog, we’ve never had the luxury of a full tour – until today. Thanks to the lovely team at Glitter Guide, we now can see Mackenzie’s chic apartment in all of it’s classic, blue and white glory. I love her style because I find it’s the perfect mix of color and whimsy, yet it still looks adult and clean.

Love Mackenzie’s dress and shoes. And of course that puppy!

Navy and white are always classic and timeless. I love how she utilizes her windowsill and makes the most of all her space.
What a great gallery wall. The colors look great juxtaposed with the white and bold books.
The mirror is not only a great decorative item, but also really opens up her space.
You have to love a girl who loves Jane Austen.
Bookshelf styling at its finest. I’ve never seen an Ikea piece look so adult and chic.

One thing I am currently lacking is a desk. As I get more into blogging, I definitely think I’ll need to invest in this piece to stay organized and have an inspiring workplace.

All images are via Glitter Guide. Be sure to check out all the photos, as they also list sources for most of Mackenzie’s amaaaaze items. I love how she takes a small, New York apartment and makes it so homey and glamorous. I am definitely taking notes for my own place.

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LA Vintage Shopping

This Sunday was so perfect because I literally had no plans. I slept in as long as I wanted after a fun night out in West Hollywood, then had the all day ahead of me without a single commitment.

Living in such a big city, I often find that I don’t take advantage enough of what LA has to offer. I get caught up in running errands, my job, my apartment, and just my own little bubble, so I don’t discover and relish this diverse, interesting city. Yesterday, I decided to change that and take advantage of both my lack of plans and LA’s great vintage shopping (unfortunately for me, but luckily for my wallet, it was all window shopping). Some of my favorite shops are on Melrose, in between Fairfax and La Brea, so I recommend walking along that area if you’re ever in ze City of Angels.

I started off at American Vintage. While they have a very photogenic sign, they also have a very large selection, and frankly I was just feeling lazy and didn’t have the patience to sift through all the clothes. So, I decided to skip out and head across the street to my favorite spot…..

Slow! Slow is so excellently curated, so not much effort is required to find some great items. It’s also very affordable, and not many items, other than their leather jackets/vests, costs over $50. 
As soon as you walk in you are surrounded by a chic bohemian rustic decor and a wide selection of denim cutoffs, in every shade, wash and cut. I was especially drawn to the light purple pair. Daisy Duke would approve. I have a feeling all the stylish LA girls hit up Slow for their Coachella denim.
A trunk full of colorful silk scarves, for those of us who can’t afford Hermes.
Some badass spiked statement necklaces. Love the juxtaposition of the girly pink with the tough spikes.
Now on to my favorites – cowboy boots! These boots are so affordable (all under $100), have unique detailing, so they aren’t too country for a city environment like LA. Plus, they are already worn-in and comfortable. No blisters or breaking in required!

I loved this pair with the snake-skin like detailing on the bottom. So interesting. I’ll have to pinch my pennies and see if these bad boys are still in stock before I see Zac Brown Band in October. 
If you’re ever in LA, definitely hit up Slow and the other stores along Melrose. Even if you can’t spend money (like I couldn’t today), it’s an entertaining, time consuming way to spend the day and experience the Hollywood neighborhood outside the cheesy/awful Hollywood Boulevard stretch. Just please don’t buy my boots…

Wordless Wednesday: Feeling Girly

Currently loving anything pink, glittery, or ladylike…

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Judith March Tanks

I recently had an amazing vacation to Seaside, Florida and fell in love with the slow Southern vibes of the Panhandle. (All the cute guys in polos and boat shoes weren’t so bad either.) I also fell in love with these oh so Southern and sassy Judy tanks by Judith March, a local Florida brand. Any clothing that includes Tom Petty quotes is fine by me. While I don’t think this style will ever be popular in LA, I am perfectly fine with bringing my own bit of Southern hospitality to the city of angels. Check out some of my favorites below.