Look for Less: Elina Linardaki Pom Pom Gladiators

Elina Linardarki Pom Sandals

How cute are these pom pom gladiator sandals for summer? I’ve seen every blogger I love skipping around in them in Ibiza, Greece, the Amalfi Coast – you name it. The bright colors would be the perfect statement shoe if you’re a more monochromatic dresser like me. So beachy – now all I need is a European beach to frolic on!

Pom Pom sandals

For someone who’s afraid of wearing color, I am loving these wild pairs.

The originals are by Elina Linardaki and pretty expensive, setting you back $225. Not worth it for sandals that will likely fall apart after several hikes up and down the Italian or Croatian coast (dare to dream, right?). Luckily, there are plenty of dupes available now, so I’ve found a great look for less for your next vacation, or trip to a patio for happy hour.


Buy here.

You can snag this Chinese Laundry pair at Nordstrom for $80 – less than half of what the originals will cost you. More money to spend on a cute bikini or off-the -shoulder dress to match! They’re the perfect addition to a bohemian summer wardrobe.

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s day! I’m off to celebrate with my family in Chicago before heading back home – what are you up to?

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Look for Less: Chloe Isa Espadrille Wedges

Who else wants to confess to being #obsessed (yes, the hashtag was necessary) with these Chloe espadrille wedges? So chic, and wedges = so comfortable.

Are they not bohemian perfection? That $500 plus price tag though, my friends, is definitely not perfection.

Literally the best spring/summer shoes.

So, as you can imagine, I practically screeched for joy when I found these spot-on Marc Fisher lookalikes. They’re $160, so not totally budget-approved, but doable compared to $500.


Buy them here and here.
Buy them here.
Schutz makes a more affordable version for less than $100. The wedge is a little thicker, but perhaps these are better for more clumsy and prone to tripping over flat ground girls like me?
So, enjoy the last bits of your Memorial Day weekend (cue sobbing and dread), catch up on Southern Charm, polish of that last BBQ, and pick up an affordable dupe for the perfect summer wedge.


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Look for Less: Marysia Scalloped Swimwear

Summer is finally here! Since I moved away from Phoenix and LA and year round sunshine, I don’t take a second of the warmer months  and soaking up Vitamin D for granted. Today was a balmy 81, so naturally I laid out on my deck for a good half hour to try and cure my albinism. To honor the arrival of sunbathing and rose weather, this dupe is for the perfect summer bikini.

While Natasha Oakley can make a potato sack look hot, I think these Marysia scalloped bikinis look classy on anyone. They’re simple and flattering with just enough interest due to the scalloped detailing. They usually retail for about $300 for a whole bikini, so that price just won’t do. How am I supposed to jet to Greece or Italy to prance around in my bikini if my suit costs more than a night at a hotel?

Jessica of Tuula Vintage rocking the strapless version.
Thankfully, I’ve found several styles at a fraction of the price – all under $50!. Never underestimate the power of a little internet sleuthing and lust for a deal. Now, you can spend more of your beach budget on mojitos and a cabana boy – as it should be.
Shop the dupes here:



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Look for Less: Olivia Palermo x Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Well, Monday has hit me like a ton of bricks. After spending all weekend at a work conference spending my days working and nights drinking and dancing – I am exhausted. The only thing giving me life is this fabulous dupe I’m about to bestow on you. Drumroll please….

Yes, Queen OP is back, and I miraculously found a perfect copy of her gorgeous pink and tortoishell Westward Leaning Flower sunglasses. These babies retail for over $200! Plus, Olivia’s pink pair, the best color option in my opinion, appears to be no longer available online.

Haughty air of indifference and vacation home in Capri not included.

Since I don’t have the bank account of my favorite socialite cum The City star cum fashionista – my heroes at Missguided have stepped in to save the day. This dupe is only $14!

Buy here!

Pretty near perfect if you ask me! Even if you’re not an Olivia fan, these are also very reminiscent of the Dior So Real frames and super on trend.


Thanks for stopping by – I’m off to catch up on Fear the Walking Dead. What’s getting you through Monday?
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Look for Less: Vince Addie Bootie

Ivana Revic is one of my all-time favorite girl crushes. Her Instagram exudes California cool-girl, and I wish I could look as effortless and chic as she does. As most it-girl bloggers do, Ivana has quite the shoe collection and a special  fondness for Vince shoes.

I literally drool over my Instagram feed whenever she posts these Vince Addie booties. Hashtag shoe porn.  How cool is that sexy cut-out silhouette? But, how not cool is that $395 price tag? As the great Countess Luann once said, “Be cool, don’t be all uncool.”
Snag the look for less.
Thankfully, sir Steven Madden has crafted an almost identical dupe. These baddies are a fraction of the cost, but have that same perfect Ivana-approved shape. I want them in both black and nude! Happy Monday and happy shopping!


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