Look for Less: Dior So Real Sunglasses

Every day I see more and more bloggers and celebs donning the Dior So Real sunglasses. Who can blame them? The shape is unique, they’re oversized and hide a multitude of sins, and their uber trendy reflective lenses come in a variety of colors.

images via pinterest – let me know if you find original source, happy to credit

Unfortunately, they retail for a Dior appropriate price tag at over $500 a pair! That’s like a round trip plane ticket, so definitely a hard pass. Luckily, through some online sleuthing, I found almost identical lookalikes!
They were only $15! I ordered the “lucency-silver” color, and the quality certainly checks out. I mean, they’re definitely not worth five hundred bucks, but they’re a great dupe, the sizing is on point, and they aren’t falling apart. Don’t worry, I’ve already ordered a second pair in pink 🙂
I don’t look like Shay Mitchell or Olivia Palermo, so I don’t do them justice. Just wanted to give you an idea of sizing even on a seven-head face like mine.
Have you seen any good dupes for these sunglasses on other sites? Their popularity is only gaining, so snatch a pair before they reach critical mass.


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