Look for Less: Gigi Hadid’s Travel Style

I know that I’ve been a bad blogger, but I promise to be more consistent – at least for the next week or so 😉 What can I say, life can some times get in the way of the digital world, but I’m going to make more time for this creative passion of mine and other things that make me happy.

Leave it to Gigi Hadid and a chic travel outfit to re-inspire me. Could I have any more of a girl crush on this chick? Gigi wore this stylish outfit when traveling to Brazil this summer, and I think it’s perfect for a long haul flight or a casual fall outfit. I’ve done some sleuthing and found budget appropriate pieces to copy Miss Hadid’s look and get that effortless on the go it-girl glam. Who says you have to spend thousands of dollars to dress like a supermodel?

These Zara leather leggings look so expensive and like Balmain, but they’re only $40!
The side zips on this Boohoo sweater mimic Gigi’s look and complement high-waisted leggings
Faux suede booties from Forever 21 – a steep discount from Gigi’s Saint Laurent pair
I’m always looking for ways to spruce up my travel outfits, and Miss Hadid certainly provided some motivation, all while helping me get back into blogging. Thanks G!


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Look for Less: Something Navy’s Louboutins

Arielle from Something Navy, one of my favorite bloggers, has mastered the art of the shoelfie. That’s a shoe selfie for those of you that don’t waste all day on the internet. When she uploaded the above Louboutins, I was lovestruck. While the styling and merchandising is on point, I was most struck by those glorious red soled booties.

Model bod and fabulous New York lifestyle are not included.

Like Arielle, I definitely have champagne taste, but unlike Arielle, I have more of a beer budget. Even if I could afford these heels, however, I would be out of luck as they are no longer available. Always up for a challenge, I found a similar look for less for only $99 from Gilt. They aren’t exact dupes for the Louboutins, but the color, shape and detailing are very similar. They are also reminiscent of the Vince Addie booties, which are similarly adorable and expensive.

My shoelfie game still needs work, but I’m happy to keep practicing when that means more new pairs of beauties are in my future.

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5 Ways to Quit Your Online Shopping Addiction

While I don’t have many vices – I don’t drink, do drugs, or gamble – I am oft at the mercy of my online shopping addiction. Blogging is no help, and my love for clothes, fashion, and finding a good deal ultimately leads me to overspending. It’s just too easy to spot a cute dress, pair of shoes on sale, or blogger recommended skirt, then with a few clicks, have the item on its way and my bank account considerably emptier. If I’ve had a bad day at work, I don’t get shitfaced – I shop.

With no break in the addiction in sight, my mom challenged me to go the month of July without online shopping. This sounds easy, but I am a junkie and usually purchase something online at least once a week, if not more. Surprisingly, I almost made it the whole month without breaking (the Nordstrom anniversary sale did me in), and it taught me a lot about what my triggers are and some of the roots of my addiction.  I also learned what tools and techniques help me fight back against the addiction, and I thought I’d share them with you. Buckle up my fellow junkies – it’s time for rehab!

Unsubscribe from Temptation

You know those handy mailing lists most stores have the inform you of flash sales, new arrivals, and discounts? Well say buh bye to these temptresses! I quickly realized during my challenge that these emails are very effective marketing tools that are cause for most of my impulse purchases. As soon as I unsubscribed, it became a lot easier to avoid temptation. I couldn’t buy an item just because it was on sale, because I simply didn’t know about the sale.

Set Small Goals

While it’s nice to be optimistic and reach for the stars, I knew I wasn’t going to cure myself of online shopping forever. If I  set that lofty of a goal, I likely would be even more disappointed when I had a relapse. Setting a month long challenge period was more realistic and attainable, meaning I’d be more serious about achieving it and would only motivate myself to set higher future goals.

Wait It Out

See an item you just HAVE to have? If you feel strongly about it, note the item, then wait 24 hours before purchasing. If you still want it after 24 hours, then maybe you can break your fast, but chances are, after the fleeting impulse has past, you will feel less strongly about your “must-have.”

Work With What You Have

Part of why I online shop so much is because I feel like I have “nothing” to wear and just need to freshen up my wardrobe. This exercise forced me to go through my closet and work with what I already owned. I discovered items I had even forgotten I owned or had never worn before and was able to be more creative with my outfit styling. I didn’t have “nothing to wear” – I simply was disorganized or too rushed in the morning – talk about  a reality check.

Reward Yourself

Treat yo self, girl! My reward if I successfully avoided only shopping for a month was $50 from mi madre (I know, I’m a spoiled brat). Reward your willpower and restraint with a purchase you were holding out on, a facial, whatever little slice of luxury you prefer. If you still want a specific item after all this time, chances are it was less of an impulse buy, and you are now going to be more appreciative of the work that went into purchasing it. Or, chances are you’ve started to beat the addiction and won’t feel the need to purchase something – hopefully this is the case!

Good luck, my fellow shopaholics! I’m still working on my habit, for sure, but slowly, I am starting to improve and slow down the cavalcade of Madewell packages arriving at my office.


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Look for Less: Dior So Real Sunglasses

Every day I see more and more bloggers and celebs donning the Dior So Real sunglasses. Who can blame them? The shape is unique, they’re oversized and hide a multitude of sins, and their uber trendy reflective lenses come in a variety of colors.

images via pinterest – let me know if you find original source, happy to credit

Unfortunately, they retail for a Dior appropriate price tag at over $500 a pair! That’s like a round trip plane ticket, so definitely a hard pass. Luckily, through some online sleuthing, I found almost identical lookalikes!
They were only $15! I ordered the “lucency-silver” color, and the quality certainly checks out. I mean, they’re definitely not worth five hundred bucks, but they’re a great dupe, the sizing is on point, and they aren’t falling apart. Don’t worry, I’ve already ordered a second pair in pink 🙂
I don’t look like Shay Mitchell or Olivia Palermo, so I don’t do them justice. Just wanted to give you an idea of sizing even on a seven-head face like mine.
Have you seen any good dupes for these sunglasses on other sites? Their popularity is only gaining, so snatch a pair before they reach critical mass.


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Fall Fashion Transition: Faux Suede Moto Jacket

I know, I know, fall fashion? It’s only the first day of August! As temps are still clinging to the nasty nineties here in the Midwest, I agree that we are in no place to be wearing fall clothes. Crisper weather, falling leaves and fireside snuggling are simply too far away to dream about yet.

While I spent my morning bouncing around the internet and my favorite blogs, however, I came across a fab fall transition piece that I had to share, no matter how hot it it still is. One of my all time biggest blog crushes is Rose of The Londoner (just try not to get addicted to her site – I dare you), and she is rocking the hell out of a tan suede moto jacket in this post.

(perfect bouncy blowout and fabulous London life not included)

Rose’s jacket is great, but it does retail for over $800 (brand is Maje), so I quickly had to find a more budget friendly alternative. Luckily, I was actually able to find several looks for less to carry you into autumn. I think the color is perfect to still wear on chillier summer days and the suede creates a 70s boho vibe. Which is your favorite?



1. Hollister – $80
2. Boohoo – $60
3. Asos – $162
4. Missguided – $80
5. Forever 21 – $38