Wordless Wednesday: You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be

hands art

lucy williams slip dress

beverly hills hotel

burberry blush

hermes slides

kim kardashian all black street style

mediterranean summer

peggy porschen london


tan suede jacket


white on white handbags. you are exactly where you need to be
Image sources: one // two // three // four

Wordless Wednesday: Art Basel Miami 2015 Favorites

Some culture to invigorate your hump day. Put on some Beach House and scroll away…

’61 Vir b / M + I’ by Tomas Saraceno

Amiria by Bernard Frize

Blue Moon by Jim Lambie

Bomb Pop by Jack Early

Damien Hirst

More Coffee by Joaquin Trujillo

Conga Blanca by Los Carpinteros

Mixed Feelings by Tony Cragg

Prolaktin ECLIA 9,4 by Tobias Rehberger

Swiss by Urs Fischer

Talia Chetrit

Tracey Emin
sources: one // two // three // four

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