Breakfast on the Beach at Kono’s, Pacific Beach

Sorry for my unexplained blogging absence lately. I’ve been off soaking up the sun in San Diego, one of my favorite cities in the US aka LA but without everything that sucks about LA. Hopefully I can make up for the lack of content with a recommendation for one of the best and most iconic spots in said fave city. Did I mention it’s super cheap and right on the water? Join me for grade-A people watching and major food porn at San Diego favorite, Kono’s!

On our first morning in San Diego, after sleeping in and playing Pokemon Go until about 9, my parents and I grabbed some much needed iced coffees and made our way north to Pacific Beach from our hotel downtown. (Pro tip – downtown is a great, centrally located  headquarters for your next SD trip). Through obsessive Yelp review-checking, I had found Kono’s and knew I had to try the local-favored haunt.

Kono's Pacific Beach

Kono’s is situated literally right on the beach where Garnet meets the boardwalk. Even at 10AM the sand was starting to teem with beachgoers and the typical SoCal scene – surfers conquering the waves, yoga moms out for their morning run, and hungover bachelor parties searching for hair of the dog. This bustling beach, while entertaining, also meant a line had already formed, blocking us from our breakfast feast. We had forgotten brunch commandment number one – if you go to brunch on a Sunday, be prepared to wait.

The line at Kono's on Pacific Beach

Pro-tip: Arrive early to find street parking. We lucked out and found a spot a block over, but the beach parking can go fast on weekends. Be prepared to take your time to find a spot, walk from further away, or take an Uber to avoid parking altogether.

Luckily, Kono’s sells coffee near the end of the line, so you can feed your caffeine addiction and take in the San Diego sights while you wait.

Kono's Coffee pacific beach

Pacific Beach, San Diego

The shop across the way had some signs perfect for my inner mermaid. They’ll go nicely in my future beach house.

Beach House Signs in Pacific Beach San Diego

I also used the wait to take a selfie and artsy shots of the California flag. My teenaged obsession with Laguna Beach and The OC was out in full force.

selfie at Konos Cafe Pacific Beach

Crochet Shorts (similar)

California Flag on Pacific Beach

We finally rounded the corner into the restaurant and were greeted with a surfer or wannabe surfer’s paradise. If you are in a hurry, grab a table inside. There were plenty open during prime brunch rush hour.

Kono's Pacific Beach in San Diego

Kono's Pacific Beach in San Diego

Feeling instantly transported to a 1970s bohemian surfer bungalow, I was lovestruck.

Kono's Pacific Beach in San Diego

Instead of opting for a table in this Beach Boy heaven, we decided to stake out a spot overlooking the sea. Just head across the street and around the aforementioned souvenir store, and you’ll find the world’s best breakfast nook.

Breakfast at Kono's in Pacific Beach

Pro Tip: Have someone from your party wait for a table while you wait in line to order. They are a hotter commodity than beachfront property!

Breakfast at Kono's in Pacific Beach

Grey yet warm, the overcast haze enveloped us as we watched the surfers roll over the waves, like clumsy Jesuses walking on water. Finally, the main event arrived.

Breakfast at Konos in San Diego

Not one for a sweet wake-up call, I opted for the savory scramble and famous Kono’s potatoes – mixed with cheese and peppers. Really, what doesn’t taste better mixed with cheese and peppers? If you prefer more of a dessert vibe for breakfast, get the French toast. My mom devoured hers.

Breakfast at Kono's in San DiegoBlouse

Not only were my taste buds fully satisfied, but my wallet also was quite satiated. Most options at Kono’s will cost you less than $8.00, and there is more than enough food for one ravenous adult.

Breakfast at Konos in San Diego

Pro-tip: Save even more money and split an entree with a friend. I had more than half my food left at the end of my meal, and I’m by no means a dainty eater.

Fully content and not yet sunburned, we wandered the beach to walk off our scrambles and French toast. The next time you’re in San Diego, Kono’s is a must. Cheap, delicious and quintessential Southern California cool – you won’t be disappointed.

Pacific Beach San Diego

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