London Brunch: Ivy Chelsea Garden and Chelsea Wanderings

Recently, the London brunch queens decided to head west and pay homage to a very famous London brunch outpost – the Ivy Chelsea Garden. Buzzy, oft-instagrammed and sometimes filled with a celeb sighting or two – the Chelsea Garden is a member of the Ivy family of restaurants and probably it’s most hyped member. So, is it worth it?

Spoiler Alert: the short answer, is yes. Reasonably priced, yummy food, attentive service, and a beautiful and scene-y ambiance make the Ivy Chelsea Garden worth every bit of hype and winding through lines of tourists. I’d even make the pilgrimage out on the District/Circle line for it. That’s love. You may have to make your brunch reservation a month in advance, but have you seen the pink sofas and eggs benedict?

I had the classic while my friends went with the fancy lobster and trendy avocado. Much to the pleasure of my American sensibilities, they have a pot of filtered coffee on the menu with cream. It’s surprisingly very difficult to find classic coffee and cream (half and half) here in the UK, so I inhaled the stuff. Apologies for the lighting. The interiors are gorgeous in person but not the best for instagram food photography. Besides, nothing beats natural light….

The garden terrace tables don’t open until noon, so we missed out on enjoying the famous al fresco space. Once warmer summer weather hits, I will be sprinting to snag a table and sip rose all afternoon long on this patio. I was lovestruck by those seafoam chairs!

After we wandered around the garden and likely overstayed our welcome, we parted ways. I decided to take a detour from studying and explore more of Chelsea. In one of London’s most photogenic neighborhoods, I was not going to waste the fact that I had already made the commute.  Chelsea, and its residents did not disappoint.

I mean, it’s a rule if there’s a bicycle parked out front you have to take a photo, right?

The pastel hues of Lenox Garden Mews are fairly insta-famous, and their pink and lavender facades lived up to their notoriety.

Praise be to the Mercedes driver that parked their car so perfectly in front of this home. Classic London at its classiest and finest. Hate to see the price tag on the car or address.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen this whimsical little porch already. Potted plants, pink facades and purple doors. So lovely. It’s on Bywater Street, and a definite visit for any photographers. Practically every house on that road is begging to be photographed.

Added Scalini to my list of London restaurants to try. Locals filtered in pretty regularly and that royal blue facade is enough to tempt me.

After exhausting my feet and appetite for photography (my phone memory was starting to wane as well), I decided to bid adieu to my fantasy Chelsea life. I’ll certainly be back once the summer sun returns, to sip pink cocktails in the garden and waste away another afternoon discovering more dream homes.


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