London Brunch: Cafe Miami

A few weekends ago, I schlepped way out to Clapton (re: east London) in search of a colorful antidote for the London greys. My friends Kyle, Sasha and I sought refuge in art-deco brunch haven, Cafe Miami. Cue the Will Smith, baby.

London Brunch Spot - Cafe Miami

Cafe Miami - cute brunch spot in East London

Covered in pastels and kitted out in instagram-ready neon signs, Cafe Miami adds a much needed pop of panache to Clapton’s winter gloom. We grabbed a table (luckily no wait midday on a Sunday), and proceeded to wait entirely too long to order.

Several members of staff hung out for ages behind the counter seemingly avoiding eye contact with guests, as we and other tables grew more frustrated at the lack of service and attention. The south Florida pastels could not quell our frustration. After finally flagging down a member of staff, we managed to convince them to take our order. Very disappointing service experience overall.

Luckily, once we received our food, the spread, like a ray of  South Beach sunshine, made me (almost) forget the lackluster service.

Brunch at Cafe Miami in East London

Sasha had the basic betch approved avocado and halloumi toast.

Avocado Toast at Cafe Miami in London

She gave her, not see easy to receive, seal of approval.

Brunch at Cafe Miami in London

While I took no prisoners, avocado or otherwise, and went for the waffle burger. Topped with chorizo, egg, avocado and hot sauce, the dish was a beautiful, dripping in yolk porn, monstrosity. Fact: Mexican food makes the best breakfast (really any meal tbh).

The massive waffle burger at Cafe Miami in London

Cafe Miami is worth a visit if you’re in the area and not in a rush. While the food, especially my waffle masterpiece, definitely entered the London brunch hall of fame, the service really downgraded the entire experience. I wouldn’t travel out of your way for a Miami pilgrimage.


Vlogmas Week 2 – London Christmas Brunch in Narnia

Call me Mr. Tumnus, because I just crawled through the wardrobe, stole the treacle tart, and had the most fabulous London brunch basically in Narnia.

Lucky for you, I vlogged the whole thing for Vlogmas! Join my friend Riley and me as we enjoy London’s first snow, brunch to our heart’s content at Dalloway Terrace and explore the beautifully decorated hotels of Mayfair, all while somehow managing to avoid wiping out face first on the ice.

Pink Jumper // Pink Beanie

Dalloway Terrace in London is absolutely stunning and perfect for a Christmas brunchIf you’re in London during winter, I highly recommend the seasonal restaurant, Dalloway Terrace at the Bloomsbury Hotel. It certainly lives up to the hype and its poetic name. My eggs benedict was delicious, service was on point, and the winter wonderland decor was magical. London being dusted in snow may have a helped a little too. Book ASAP, as it fills up fast (it’s an intimate space), but I assure you it’s worth an early wake-up call.

The coziest winter brunch spot at Dalloway Terrace in London

So many (croissant-filled) belly laughs today with Riley, that I’ve somehow managed to avoid the Sunday scaries and am utterly content. BIG life update in the vlog as well, plus some of London’s most stunning Christmas trees. Hope your Sunday was just as enjoyable and festive. Only 15 more sleeps until Christmas!

Join me for Christmas Brunch at Dalloway Terrace in London - it's like stepping into Narnia!  


London Brunch: 202 Notting Hill

A funny thing happens when you don’t blog for months and months. You’ll be aimlessly scrolling through photos on your phone (in between mindlessly refreshing Facebook and obsessively curating your Spotify playlists), and stashed between selfies and screenshots of memes, stumble upon a forgotten set of photos, like a faint displaced memory. Since I’m currently wrapped in a duvet listening to Frank Sinatra, yearning for warm and easy summer days, I thought I’d reminisce a bit and take you with me to a dreamy brunch in Notting Hill.

Hungover, but keen to embrace the long London summer days and limbo period after classes end but before full-time work, my friend Halle and I set off in search of brunch. Another American, and sadly now back in the States, Hal is one of my best friends and a great exploring companion. She’s always up for trying a new restaurant, starting a conversation with strangers, or trekking through an unseen neighborhood, and I love her spontaneity and sense of adventure. On this day, we settled on Notting Hill and breakfast food – preferably in a picturesque setting. Not too difficult to find in this part of London.

Originally, we though we’d scope out Granger & Co, but the Notting Hill location was PACKED (pro-tip: always go early to the Notting Hill location), so we opted for a great alternative just down the road, 202.

In the heart of busy Westbourne Grove, 202 is easy to stroll by, but keep your eyes peeled for the namesake numbers and head in. On a sunny day like this one, the bright and modern space was particularly fitting.

Like Granger, there was a bit of a wait, but less overwhelming, and the queue is lined with Slim-Aarons-esque coffe table books to keep you entertained. You also might make a furry friend.

The vibe is decidedly casual, and you could show up in leggings and sneakers without shame. Packed with yummy mummies, foreign tourists and chilled out locals, 202 lacks pretension and is perfect for a no-nonsense brunch in a California cool space. I’m also just instantly smitten with any restaurant that has perfected eggs benedict….

Halle committed a cardinal brunch sin and ordered a salad, but quickly repented by adding on a side of crispy fries. The food doesn’t veer from the classics, but done well, they are always satisfying. Stuffed, but hangovers fading thanks to the healing powers of 202, we decided to traipse around Notting Hill. I mean, it’s really a London commandment: When in Notting Hill, thou shalt walk and photograph its Instagram friendly streets.

Enveloping us in its arms, the summer afternoon sun gave the shops an appreciative glow and almost distracted us entirely from the throngs of visitors along Portobello Road.


Notting Hill may have long ago completed its transformation from bohemian enclave to tourist destination, but it’s still worth a long, languorous visit. There are plenty of side streets lined with charming houses and scenic shops or brunch havens like 202 to escape the masses.




London Brunch: Ivy Chelsea Garden and Chelsea Wanderings

Recently, the London brunch queens decided to head west and pay homage to a very famous London brunch outpost – the Ivy Chelsea Garden. Buzzy, oft-instagrammed and sometimes filled with a celeb sighting or two – the Chelsea Garden is a member of the Ivy family of restaurants and probably it’s most hyped member. So, is it worth it?

Spoiler Alert: the short answer, is yes. Reasonably priced, yummy food, attentive service, and a beautiful and scene-y ambiance make the Ivy Chelsea Garden worth every bit of hype and winding through lines of tourists. I’d even make the pilgrimage out on the District/Circle line for it. That’s love. You may have to make your brunch reservation a month in advance, but have you seen the pink sofas and eggs benedict?

I had the classic while my friends went with the fancy lobster and trendy avocado. Much to the pleasure of my American sensibilities, they have a pot of filtered coffee on the menu with cream. It’s surprisingly very difficult to find classic coffee and cream (half and half) here in the UK, so I inhaled the stuff. Apologies for the lighting. The interiors are gorgeous in person but not the best for instagram food photography. Besides, nothing beats natural light….

The garden terrace tables don’t open until noon, so we missed out on enjoying the famous al fresco space. Once warmer summer weather hits, I will be sprinting to snag a table and sip rose all afternoon long on this patio. I was lovestruck by those seafoam chairs!

After we wandered around the garden and likely overstayed our welcome, we parted ways. I decided to take a detour from studying and explore more of Chelsea. In one of London’s most photogenic neighborhoods, I was not going to waste the fact that I had already made the commute.  Chelsea, and its residents did not disappoint.

I mean, it’s a rule if there’s a bicycle parked out front you have to take a photo, right?

The pastel hues of Lenox Garden Mews are fairly insta-famous, and their pink and lavender facades lived up to their notoriety.

Praise be to the Mercedes driver that parked their car so perfectly in front of this home. Classic London at its classiest and finest. Hate to see the price tag on the car or address.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen this whimsical little porch already. Potted plants, pink facades and purple doors. So lovely. It’s on Bywater Street, and a definite visit for any photographers. Practically every house on that road is begging to be photographed.

Added Scalini to my list of London restaurants to try. Locals filtered in pretty regularly and that royal blue facade is enough to tempt me.

After exhausting my feet and appetite for photography (my phone memory was starting to wane as well), I decided to bid adieu to my fantasy Chelsea life. I’ll certainly be back once the summer sun returns, to sip pink cocktails in the garden and waste away another afternoon discovering more dream homes.


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London Brunch: Holborn Grind

This blog may seem brunch-obsessed recently (check out my breathtaking brunch at Sky Garden here – end shameless plug), but I just can’t get enough of the meal. London also can’t stop tempting me with new options, each with their own seductive play on eggs, dotted across the cityscape. While I do have other not-food-related content planned for this week, I wanted to first share this affordable brunch haven in the heart of central London. It’s perfect for those of us who can’t always make it rain at the likes of Sky Garden.

If you’re anywhere in London proper, chances are you’ll wander into a Grind location. Just around the corner from Holborn station and attached to the Hoxton Hotel, you’ll find an insta-worthy outpost of the chain – Holborn Grind.

Pink neon sign? I’m drawn like a moth to the flame.

This Grind location is pretty petite, so either come early to grab a table, or don’t plan on having a ton of space to sprawl out. A sprawling fan, I prefer this Grind for eating (and photographing), not studying or working.

While I usually visit Grind for their iced lattes and banana bread, this visit entailed a sampling of their brunch offerings, namely my nemesis: avocado toast.

But, Erin, how can you resist mother Earth’s two greatest creations, avocado and bread, united in one holy union? With eggs, no less!?

Well, my friends, turn me into a foodie pariah if you must, but I just don’t like avocado. Even guacamole or its photogenic beauty can’t win me over when it comes to this green temptress.

It had been quite some time since I’d given the green little devil another chance, so I figured no better time than the present. Worst case scenario, I’d be consoled with aesthetically pleasing photos of the taste test. I dared avocado toast to give me its best, and it came at me with guns blazing.

I mean…..come on!?!? How amazing does that look? Holborn Grind certainly knows its way around perfectly poached eggs and the dreamiest and creamiest looking avocado toast you’d have the pleasure of meeting. All washed down with their refreshing iced latte, of course.

Spoiler alert: I still don’t like avocados. Epic fail, I know. The toast wasn’t unpleasant and I loved the eggs, but I don’t think I’ll be so generously giving the little green guys another taste test soon.

At least the people watching and neighborhood facades were charming consolation prizes. And I can’t sip too much of the avocado haterade when I know it will help amass so many future Instagram likes. Social media over everything, right?

Speaking of Instagram – you MUST get a snap of this beauty in between sips of Grind’s delectable coffee:

A stylish neon quote adorns each Grind location, and this one is perfectly hot pink. While the Covent Garden location may have my favorite quote (it’s a David Bowie lyric!), Holborn’s sign still emanates a chic glow and is well worth the awkward hovering over cramped tables of British men. I somehow didn’t mind the loitering too much.

Definitely stop into this Grind the next time you’re in the Holborn area and want an affordable breakfast in a fashionable setting. If you’re into avocado toast, give that a go as well, or at least take a photo of it.

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