London Cheap Eats: The Beefsteaks

Did you crawl out of the warm comfort of your duvet this morning with a slight wine hangover from last night’s escapades? Craving a hearty Sunday roast, yet lack the funds to satiate your red meat fiending? Well, throw on those giant morning after sunglasses, hop on the Jubilee line as fast as you can, and get your broke self down to Maltby Street Market.  Speaking from personal experience, I’ve found a London Cheap Eat to satisfy any steak lover and more than make up for any weekend regrets. Meet my new bae – The Beefsteaks.

London Cheap Eats - the best steak and chips in London for less than a tenner.

Grass-fed, butcher’s cut British Beef, snuggled on top of triple fried chips, all bathed in some sexy AF Bearnaise. AND all for £8.

You can mix up the sauce and do a Chimichurri, horseradish or peppercorn instead, or you can have some taste and stick with the finger-licking worthy Bearnaise. They had a delish looking sandwich as well, but I wanted to feel fancy and have a budget steak dinner. Nailed it.

Maltby is worth a weekend visit to Bermondsey (check out some art galleries nearby while you’re at it), and Beefsteaks is by far my favourite food vendor there. Plus you get such a value for the price. Sure beats some dry falafel from the other guy.

More deets on The Beefsteaks and their schedule here, but for now they’re every weekend at Maltby Street Market. Hustle your way to the end of the market and queue up (worth the wait) for your succulently grilled heaven.

London Cheap Eats: Pepe, Covent Garden

After a surprisingly industrious morning reading for school and photographing some perfectly pink mews in South Kensington (you can see my snaps on Insta), I decided to reward myself today with one of my favorite London cheap eats – Pepe. Right around the corner from Coven Garden and Mr. Fogg’s, this little pizza haven is just off of St. Martin’s Lane.

There’s usually a queue around lunch time, but they really rush people through quickly and efficiently. Also, I’m always down to patiently wait in line when these salivating sights keep me in their thrall.

While I’m always down for a fancy brunch or wining and dining at a posh Mayfair hotspot, I’m still a student and London is DAMN expensive. Pepe is only 4 pounds for two large slices of pizza, so I can feast to my heart’s content without feeling guilty.

Pepe has other dishes like pasta, but I’d stick to the pizza. They reheat the pasta in a microwave, and the sauce (aka the best part) gets all vaporized and gross. It’s also a few pounds more expensive than the pizza, and the slices win quality-wise every day of the week. TEAM ZA!

Trying not to burn my hands on my scalding hot pieces of heaven, I walked a few blocks to enjoy my sausage and spinach selection in solitude at a nearby park. Let’s be honest, I also wanted to find a food photography spot where less passerbys could gawk at me while I burned my hand and held my pizza like Simba over Pride Rock. No shame in my #foodporn game!

Check out Pepe the next time you need a cheap, yet fully satisfying meal in Covent Garden. There are so many overpriced, tourist traps in that area, so I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Plus, you’ll have more money to spend at the bevy of nearby shops. Win-win.

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