3 Must-Read Resources for Moving to London

About a month ago (how has it already been a month?) I packed up my life into two checked bags and one carry-on and moved across the Atlantic Ocean to London- no small feat! Since I’m starting to finally feel settled, I thought I’d share what blogs and websites helped make this move relatively painless. Moving to a foreign country is still a whirlwind of sensory overload, isolation, excitement, fear and growth, but with these resources made it as easy as moving abroad by yourself can possibly be.


Some of these sites get a bit more technical logistically and others are just engaging insights to life as an expat in London. I wanted to share in case anyone else is tempted to move to, study abroad in or just visit this intoxicating city. Let me know if you have any questions about my move, and start planning your life abroad – so far I really recommend it!

Sunny in London
For Americans looking to move to the UK, Sunny will become your bible. Florida expat Melanie does a great job of comparing the differences between the two countries, from the frivolous like Christmas traditions to the more serious like immigration topics. I’m so glad I read her blog thoroughly, so I knew what to expect before coming to the UK and having major culture shock.

Favorite articles: UK Visas & Immigration Specialist Interview, Moving to London from America – What You’ll Miss, UK vs USA – 5 Things the British Do Better

Sandy Makes Sense
Sandy is  a German blogger living in London, and I’m particularly obsessed with her YouTube channel. She’s bubbly, offers thorough and motivating advice, and she isn’t afraid to offer her opinion (see: her Brexit video). A recruiter, she also shares helpful job search videos, which I’ll definitely be utilizing if I decide to try to work in London after school.

Favorite Videos: How to Find a Job in the UK – Important Tips, The Truth About Living in London, Renting a Flat in England – My HORROR Story + Tips

Runaway Kiwi
Rebecca of Runaway Kiwi (a kiwi is someone from New Zealand, btw) writes spot-on musings for fellow isolated expats. Her writing captures the perfect storm of loneliness and excitement that embodies moving abroad by yourself. Some of her posts are more practical (Where to Find a Good Flat White in London) or just plain hilarious (Have You Done Your London Winter Prep), but my faves are the more thoughtful, just real, pieces on how scary as fuck moving to London can be. Rebecca, you get me!

Other favorite posts: So It’s Your First Week in London & You Feel Like You’re Failing, So You’ve Decided to Move to London…Oh Fuck, When Home is Too Far Away & You Want to Cry

Of course, if you have any questions about my specific move to London and completing a postgraduate degree in the UK, I’d be happy to help if I can. I hope these are helpful and give you the extra bit of confidence to embrace your wanderlust-filled dreams of moving to or just living for a little while in London!

Big Ben & the London Eye at Night

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