Rome Vlog! My First Solo Trip

Last week, I was stuck in quite the funk in London. Getting rejected from job applications and drowning in depths of schoolwork, I needed to get away ASAP. I booked a quick trip to Rome, and decided to take a bit of a risk – I would travel alone. While I’ve traveled alone in the States before, this trip was my first voyage abroad sans companions, and I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and went for it.

The weekend in Rome was restorative, immersive, and even a bit meditative. Plus, it was filled with sunshine and plenty of pasta and stunning ancient ruins. Since I didn’t have any real-life friend with me, I thought I’d bring YOU, my internet friends, with. Being the obnoxious millenial I am, I vlogged the whole trip. Check out all my food porn and painful attempts at Italian! Can’t wait for my next solo trip; I may be newly addicted.