An Ode to Rosé

Life through rosé colored glasses Looking at life through rosé-colored glasses with my friend Meghan at a local winery.

They say to blog about your passions, so that’s why I’m here today to wax poetically about one of my summer loves – rosé . In fact, the idea of sipping on this sweet summer water soon is currently the only thing staving off the Sunday scaries. Call it borderline obsession, call it basic bitch-ism at its finest, but I am all about this pink elixir – and I’m not even a huge wino! I don’t know what first bewitched me. Let’s be honest, maybe I’m just entranced by its Instagram perfect hue, but this crisp, not too sweet beverage is all I’m ordering, all summer long.

cheers to rosé

Not only am I swept into a summer affair with the beverage, but it also seems that several retailers are besotted as well. I’m happy to display my addiction, nay devotion, proudly, and I wanted to share these picks with fellow rosé romantics. Just click on the links to purchase – preferably while sipping away on a pink French varietal.

The Rosé Edit



Tote bag // Sunglasses (only $10!) // Pillow
T-shirt // Candle // Make-up brushes
Phone case // Pajamas

I’m also obsessed with this rug. Perfect for next to a well-stocked bar cart:

Stop and Smell the Rose RUg

You can buy here from the Be There in Five Etsy shop (she sells other sassy rugs too – so check her out).

There are only a few weeks of the summer, and more importantly rosé season left, so drink up (responsibly of course) while you still can. Cheers!