My 2018 London Bucket List

My 2018 London Bucket List

Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions for 2018, I thought I’d do something a bit more active (re: I didn’t want to get introspective and psychoanalyze myself more than I already do), and instead craft a 2018 London Bucket List.

When I originally moved to London as a student (more on that here), I rarely had classes scheduled all day, so was fortunate enough to have plenty of free time to fill. This meant lots of exploring the city, embracing my inner tourist, and taking in a smorgasbord of major landmarks – cultural, historical, or instagram famous.

Since I’ve started working full-time, however, I obviously am only free on weekends to roam this beautiful city and need to make more of an effort to still adventure outside my day-to-day bubble. I figured this bucket list might hold me accountable (so I don’t disappoint my internet friends!), and even give you ideas for things to do when you next visit London.

Have a lazy Sunday roast

For someone pretty obsessed with my next meal, I’ve surprisingly not had one of the most quintessentially British meals of all – the Sunday roast. With the winter days so damp, cold and dreadful, now is the perfect time to seek refuge in a pub for a long supper swimming in gravy.

Wander the Tate Modern

I loved the Tate Britain when I finally visited in December, so visiting its sister is a must. There’s a Picasso exhibition on in the spring, so may be the perfect excuse.

Ride through Hyde Park on a Santander cycle

A few weekends ago I disastrously attempted to cycle to and then around Richmond Park with my housemates (aka avoided several near misses with oncoming traffic). I think a breezy afternoon bike ride on a free Santander cycle around scenic Hyde Park may be more my speed.

Dive into Hampstead Heath

Come summer time, I am full on cannon-balling into this swimming pond.

Sink pints at the Churchill Arms

I’m determined to get my drink on at one of London’s most beautiful pubs. I’ve walked by and gawked plenty of times, but have yet to hole up inside with a choice IPA.

Picnic on Primrose Hill

Always down to take in some of the best views of London with a cute packed lunch as accompaniment.

Spend a summer night at The Globe

When I visited London back in 2014 we saw Titus Andronicus at The Globe (people fainted from the gore! hardcore!), but I haven’t been back since moving here. I am a theater nerd, so slipping back into Shakespeare’s world while watching top dramatic talent would be ideal.

Consume too much curry in Whitechapel

Again, with the food. I’ve tried legendary curryhouse Tayyab’s, but am keen to venture to other outposts like Needo. London does curry so right.

Boogie at a London music festival

Last summer I donned some glitter face paint and experienced my first UK music festival at Love Box. Very fun, thanks mainly to a Frank Ocean set I’ll never forget, but not quite Coachella levels of mindblowing. I’m headed to a fest in Croatia this summer, but would like to branch out here on English soil.

Tour Buckingham Palace

Ok, who else is obsessed with The Crown? The show has converted me into biggest royal family devotee, so I’m keen to tour Her Majesty’s abode ASAP.

Find floral heaven at Kew Gardens

Just outside the city, Kew’s floral oasis is supposed to be stunning. Perhaps I’ll visit around Christmas when it’s all aglow with fairy lights.

Experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Confession: I wrote myself a Howgwarts acceptance letter in 5th grade on parchment paper that I made myself. The muggle struggle continues, so I finally need to make the trek to the studio tour here and fully nerd out, Hermione-style (yes, I cried when they cast Emma Watson instead of me in the role).

Taste my way through Borough Market

Some of my favourite London restaurants are in Borough Market in Southwark (check out El Pastor or Padella if you’re in the area), but I’ve yet to really taste the market itself. With countless vendors offering the finger-licking goods, the market is at the top of my foodie to-do list.

See a ballet at the Royal Opera House

Growing up consumed by dance and even once in a ballet company, I’ll always have a wistful soft-spot for the art form. I definitely need to book a show at the world-famous theater in Covent Garden.

Climb to the top of St. Paul’s

Another London icon that I surprisingly haven’t experienced yet. You can hike up the stairs to the top of the cathedral, and I think 2018 is the perfect year for me to go and pay my respects to this icon.

Cheers the city from the roof of Madison

Once summer hits London, the sorely missed sun and long hours of daylight mean Londoners are constantly outside, preferably with rose in hand. Once temps have risen and the clouds have parted, you’ll be able to find me at one of the many chic rooftop bars, preferably Madison, taking in the world’s best (IMHO) skyline.

Escape London for a day in the country

I could spend years discovering London, but I can’t forget about the rest of England! So many cities are within a short train journey from the city, so I need to get better about venturing outside the Big Smoke. Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Cambridge, Cumbria and many more are on my list.

Thank you for stopping by – do you have any favourite or iconic London spots/things to do I should make a point to do in 2018?

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