Wordless Wednesday: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

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take a walk on the wild side



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Dishoom, London

While it’s been a few months since my trip to London, I still fantasize about the food at Dishoom. I’ve never been a big fan of Indian food, as my experience has largely consisted of  subpar chicken tikka masala and meh basmati rice. This dinner totally changed my mind. I didn’t expect London to be much of a “foodie” trip, but we tried many trendy spots and pubs, and above all, Dishoom was my favorite.

Located in the middle of the hustle of tourists and shoppers in Covent Garden, Dishoom is quite the hot spot. Upon arrival, be prepared to queue (they don’t take reservations), but the waitstaff will keep you refreshed with fresh lemonade and you’ll stay busy people watching and taking in all the fashionable Londoners.

The interior of Dishoom is quite cool with hanging lights and dark, masculine finishes, but we opted to sit outside, as we were blessed with spectacularly warm weather. The vibe emanates the faded elegance of  Imperial India. Once I was finished gawking at my gorgeous surroundings, we asked our cute German (I love how London is basically the UN in a city) waiter for a sampling of the best they had to offer, and he did not disappoint.

Our spread before we dug in and demolished our offerings.

We ordered the murgh malai (a tasty chicken dish), calamari, spicy lamb chops, house black daal, basmati rice and naan. How can you eat Indian food and not have naan? Especially when it is so warm and fresh. The black daal was this really comforting lentil curry dish. My faves definitely had to be the lamb and calamari. I know really every restaurant does their own version of calamari – but I don’t think I’ve tried any other iteration that does the precious squids as much justice.

The succulent little chops in all their glory. Spicy and adorned with pomegranate seeds for a bit of sweetness. Ugh, can I go back now please?

I nursed a “Thums Up” throughout the meal. It’s an Indian cola with an almost licorice after taste. I wanted the full Bombay cafe experience, but I’m not sure I’d order it again. I’m purely an American purist when it comes to my soft drinks.

After basically licking our plates we perused the puddings menu. We were stuffed and decided to skip the puddings (dessert for my fellow Americans) and enjoy a spicy, aromatic chai. The warmth was a lovely addition to the cooling air as the sun set in my favorite city in the world.

Before leaving, I had to take a gander around the restaurant. I loved these Indian toilettries on display in the restroom next to the Bollywood posters. The design really transports you to the lost Bombay of old. Worth a visit just for the decor alone. They also have a location in Shoreditch and apparently an amazing brunch. They are a must-eat if you make it to London.

Book here.

Labor Day in Lake Geneva

After wrapping up work last Friday, I scurried home, grabbed my bags, and settled into the car with my family for the drive to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. While the 6ish hour drive through the riveting wheat fields and truck stops of Illinois was mind numbing, what waited for us a short drive over the Wisconsin/Illinois border was worth it.

We arrived in the middle of the night, so we promptly tucked into bed and passed out in our little lake cabin. The cabin is cozy and older, but so perfectly serene and included. I felt like I was in another world up there. The house has been in my family for at least 20 years, but I hadn’t been back for about 10, so being there was like stepping back in time. It’s a really special place to me – one where I used to play dominoes and bocce ball with my grandma, cousins and great aunts and uncles.
Upon waking up on Saturday morning we hurried off to fill up on breakfast at the kitschy Daddy Maxwell’s. The restaurant is in this tiny little igloo, decorated with a mish mash of Halloween decorations. Their breakfast can’t be beat, and it’s a great little Lake Geneva gem. Be prepared to wait, there are literally only 10 or so tables inside. I recommend the French pancakes or biscuits and gravy.
After filling up on biscuits and gravy and pancakes, we set off to the Sweet Corn Lady stand to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for our Labor Day barbecue. This shack on the side of the road had some of the best fresh produce I’ve ever had. Definitely swing by if you’re in town.

Most of Saturday was marred by rainstorms, so we wandered into almost every shop of downtown Lake Geneva, window shopping and catching up. The sun finally peeked out around dinner time, so I knew all of Sunday had to be spent outdoors, soaking it itn.
As soon as I woke up on Sunday, I joined my Aunt on a walk around the lake’s edge, taking in the gorgeous lakefront properties. How dreamy is that house? You can actually walk around the entire lake (26 miles!!), but I am out of shape and lazy, so we just stuck to the few near our neighborhood.

The remainder of the day was spent outside boating, at the beach and barbecuing with family. I of course ended up sunburnt and exhausted, but it was entirely worth it.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

Giraffe Manor has just leaped straight out of my imagination and on to my bucket list. The boutique hotel  just outside of Nairobi, Kenya looks like a place that only exists in movies. Modeled like a Scottish hunting lodge, the hotel alone is inspiring and exudes old world safari glamour. But this glamour is made even better when one of these not so little fellas can pop his head into your window….

Oh hello there gents! Not bad company to enjoy Kenya with…

This is not a drill….

I would feel like I have landed on the set of “Out of Africa,” how magical. 

The hotel serves as a home to some most distinguished guests, a herd of endangered Rothschild giraffes. These beautiful animals roam freely around the grounds, poke their heads into hotel rooms and eat food straight out of guests’ hands. Not just entertainment, the giraffes are part of a breeding program that works to save the subspecies and introduce them back into the wild. All hotel profits also go toward giraffe and wildlife conservation. So, while the hotel is a pretty penny, at least it’s going to a great cause.

Giraffe Manor isn’t cheap, but staying here, even just for a single night, is an experience one won’t soon forget. Book here